Rare Breed Chickens Are Great Fun To Own

If you have seen rare breed chickens at any stage, you must admire how they carry out themselves. If you have tasted it. You will agree that it is one of the delicious meals. This will however depend on the type of feed that it is fed on. Almost everybody will like a healthy one.. Most people have different reasons as to why they rear chicks. This may be for commercial use, for pleasure, or for food.

Partridge Chantecler is among the rare breed which has brought a lot of pleasure to the people who own it. The dark Cornish, leghorn and Corchin are all grouped here. Their meat is said to be delicious and they also lay a good number of eggs.

During the winter season most of them lay eggs of up to 90%. The rose comb is a very small, cushioned hen. As for the wattles they are small but the frost bite has not been a problem.

Their bloodlines also have Corchin which make them thick and soft down. The tight feathering of the bird together with this keeps them snug and warm. Their colors bind together with them which make them more attractive. This also makes them be able to camouflage when feeding freely. When it comes to roosting the Partridge Chanteclers are always the last ones to roost at night.

Their cocks are the ones that roost the last during the dawn breaks. If you are the type of farmer who is looking for a dual purpose breed poultry Partridge Chantecler is your best choice. This is because it has delicious meat and can lay more eggs at a given period of time. It is said that taming this type of chick is not very easy . It will take sometime before making friends with you but being flighty is what they will never stop.

The Belgian D’Uccle is another type of bird that is big in size and is bantam. It also has a strange feature that can make it to be easily identified when it is in the group of others. It has feathers on the legs and has a character of lying outside Brussels. There are beards below its neck. Their weight is lighter compared to others. This light weight makes the bird to fly with ease. They are easily tamed and can be very friendly.

Last but not least is the Black Sumatra. This type of hen needs more attention from the owner. Most people do not like rearing it because it does not become friendly easier. This breed have a main purpose is because of the fighting cocks that are needed. The cocks produced here are very agile; they are also able to feed properly. Apart from that they also have good survival tips. During the winter season when this pet is kept inside their comb will turn pink in color. When they are exposed to the sun on a daily basis you will notice that their skins color is turning to black. They live for fifteen years or longer.

If you are a farmer you will find out that the activity of raising rare breed chicken is something that is very interesting. This is because; it needs money, time and dedication to get healthy chicks. Apart from these facts you also need to be skilled so that you do not find any difficulty in the activity of keeping rare breed chickens.

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