Rottweiler Training: A Step By Step Guide

by Sharon Davies

The Rottweiler is a great dog because they are calm, steady tempered, confident and fun. They are even great with children, as long as you have them when they are a puppy and train them properly. Rottweiler training is incredibly important, and there are many aspects that need to be taken into careful consideration here, but remember that in the end it will all be worth it, as proper Rottweiler training will result in a happy healthy dog.

Remember that dogs communicate to one another through the use of body commands and not verbal commands. This is important when it comes to Rottweiler training because you need to make sure you implement more body commands than verbal if you want to have success here.

Getting them as a puppy is also important because they will be able to gain trust this way. They need to feel assured that you are in charge and that you are going to be there to love and protect them.

There are a few great tips that you can use when it comes to Rottweiler training. One in particular is to be careful when and why you give your Rottweiler treats. You never want them to think they are being rewarded when they have done something bad, and you should never give them any treats or a new toy just because you want to. You need to make them earn it so that they know they are getting rewarded and this helps them feel important because then they will not feel as though they are spoiled and as though everything is just theirs for the taking.

You should also remember that dogs respond better to physical commands than verbal, and this also applies when it comes to praise. You should pet or hug your dog when they have done something right, rather than just praise them verbally, because they will be more aware of the good that they have done and the reward they are receiving as a result.

In the matter of Rottweiler obedience training, consistency is more important than anything. Remember that training your dog is the basic and fundamental step to communicating with them and teaching them proper obedience and manners. Especially if you like to have guests over to your home you are going to want to make sure that your dog is going to be well behaved, as in not jumping up or barking constantly.

It is highly important that every dog be given at least some basic obedience and behavior training, as it will only help their general wellbeing. With proper training your dog will be more understanding and fun to be around, as you will not have to be scolding them every other second.

Remember that if during your Rottweiler training you become too frustrated or simply feel as though you are not making any progress, there are professionals out there that you can hire to come in and help you out.

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