Several Varieties Of The Chihuahua Mixed Breeds

by Sandra Dean

Chihuahua mixed breeds belong in the category of designer dog breeds. So you get crossbred dogs and from them you get designer puppies. An experienced dog breeder with a good knowledge about canine genetics and health issues will know exactly how to cross purebred dogs. The result can be an adorable breed of mixed puppies that live long and are healthy, intelligent and affectionate. Some of them are even hypoallergenic. Before you buy a puppy which is a Chihuahua mixed breed, choose the right breeder, because he is as important for a cross breed as for a designer breed.

The American Canine Hybrid Club has officially recognized some hybrid crosses of purebred dogs. They have published a list of the ideal choices. The most common mix for Chihuahuas is the cross with the Pomeranian, which is called a Chiranian. The temperament of any hybrid cross normally has the characteristics of both the breeds. Unfortunately, not all breeds are purebred and so the new designer puppy could become a product of a multi generation cross, having the characteristics of more than two breeds.

The designer puppies that you buy should be home-raised and well socialized. There are several combinations of breeds suggested by the American Canine Hybrid Club. This list can help you to find the right crossbreed, so that you can be informed about the various Chihuahua mixed breeds before you approach a good dog breeder.

Chipin and Chion are the names of the cross breeds of MinPin and Papillon with the Chihuahua. The cute name of Cheeks is the cross with the Pekingese and Chug is the hybrid cross with the Pug. The Rat Terrier and the Toy Fox Terrier crossed with the Chihuahua give birth to the Rat-Cha and the Taco Terrier. The Shih Tzu, when crossed with the Chihuahua is the ShiChi and the Yorkshire Terrier with the Chihuahua becomes the Chorkie. The Poodle and the Chihuahua have been named the Wapoo.

When a responsible dog breeder selects two breeds to crossbreed, his ultimate goal is hybrid vigor. In other words, when two breeds are paired together and genetic diversity is added, some inherent problems in one or both breeds can be bred out as in Chihuahua mix breeds. This is relevant especially for health problems, and the newly bred dog is healthy and long-lived.

When there is cross breeding, such as with a Chihuahua mix, the puppy has the characteristics of both breeds. It is the job of the dog breeder to make an idealistic match, so that the new breed turns out to be healthy and can enjoy a long life. So it is hybrid vigor that each dog breeder is looking out for.

The Chihuahua mix breeds are also popular among Americans, especially the cross breed of the poodle and the Chihuahua. In this combination the new breed has the characteristics of the sprightly and lively Chihuahua and the sedate and intelligent traits of the Poodle.

The Chihuahua hails from Mexico and it is one of the smallest and oldest breeds of dogs in America. With its short legs and upright ears, it is a dog for the elite, because it is an expensive breed. So it is also called the royal dog of the Americans. It is very loyal to its companion and extremely possessive too. It is a frisky and lively dog, but very affectionate and strong-willed.

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