Take Great Pictures Of Your Bichon Fris

by Mary Stevenson

You don’t have to hire a professional to get professional looking pictures of your dog. An inexpensive digital camera will take great pictures, and a digital camera saves you money because it gives you the option of deleting your bad shots instead of paying to have them processed and printed. With digital cameras, you get to see your pictures right away, so you can retake any pictures that didn’t turn out the way you wanted them to. Besides, digital cameras are “greener” than disposable cameras. Processing film from disposable cameras requires great quantities of water and chemicals that harm the environment.

We all know that taking pictures of a pet can be problematic. You have to get your Bichon Frise to sit still and pose for you. You have to take care of lighting and backdrops. These tips and tricks will help you solve these problems and get you started taking fabulous pictures of your Bichon Frise.

Using a digital camera can save you quite a bit of money over using an analog camera. With digital photography, you only pay for the pictures that you want to keep. Blurry shots, bad shots, red eyes and other rejects all go straight into the digital trash can with a single click.

Choose a setting for your pictures. For an indoor setting, be sure the light is adequate. You may want to set your Bichon Frise on a table with a lamp shining directly over it. Arrange any backdrops you will need so you can grab them quickly between shots. If you are working in an outdoor area, secure the area for your Bichon Frise’s safety. A fenced back yard makes a great outdoor setting because you won’t need to worry about your dog getting away and being hit by a car or attacked by a loose dog.

Before you start shooting, get out your camera and check the memory card to make sure you have plenty of room for photo storage. Put fresh batteries in the camera, especially if you are taking pictures indoors or if you don’t have an AC converter for your camera. Decide where to pose your dog, and collect any backdrops or props you want to use so they are all ready to go.

Your choice of what background to use for your Bichon Frise picture will set the tone of the mood for the picture. Plan your backgrounds carefully. The Bichon Frise looks best photographed against a solid colored backdrop. Many photographers now use a chromatic green backdrop. With this backdrop, your background “disappears” in your digital photos, and you can place your Bichon Frise into any digital backdrop you can find. Add scenery and details to your photos without leaving home.

Don’t take Bichon Frise pictures while you are standing up. Get down to your dog’s eye level and then start taking your pictures. Both your candid shots and your portrait style shots will look better if the camera is at eye level with the dog.

You should always photograph your dog from your dog’s eye level, not your eye level. Yorkies are so light and easy to lift you can easily put your dog on a tabletop or bed to make it easy to get at eye level. These helpful tips will help you get the very best pictures possible of your Bichon Frise.

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