The Bichon Frise Comes From The Mediterranean Region

by Mary Stevenson

The Bichon Frise is a descendent of the Barbet or Water Spaniel and is mostly white in color and considered a ladies dog that is believed to have originated from the Mediterranean region dating as far back as 600-300 B.C. To be sure that your new Bichon Frise becomes a welcome addition to your home, you need to get him started on Bichon Frise potty training at a very early stage. The good news is that Bichon Frise training should prove to be a relatively easy endeavor given the intelligence of the Bichon Frise and his willingness to learn.

As everyone knows, bringing home a Bichon Frise will surely fill you with a lot of joy and it will also prove to be very exciting as well. Once the excitement has worn off it is time to consider things such as training and more particularly Bichon Frise potty training. After all, you don’t want your new addition to the home to treat your entire home as his bathroom. So the sooner you get it to learn where to eliminate and ease himself the better it will be for everyone.

It is recommended that you should begin Bichon Frise training and especially Bichon Frise potty training when your puppy is less than twelve weeks old. Start by taking him out a minimum of six times in a day or once every two to four hours. You need to also give your pet ample opportunity to eliminate at a place meant for this purpose and chosen by the owner, where he should be taken repeatedly. And, once he does eliminate in the proper place, he should be rewarded so that you are able to reinforce the habit.

So, before you get stuck with Bichon Frise potty training, you need to consider some points that will help you plan as well as get the most out of the Bichon Frise training routines. However, despite your best efforts and different potty training methods, be prepared to put up with accidents which will occur every once in a while and which will test your resolve and patience. Still, you should have planned ahead to include accidents happening every once in a while and thus, you will be able to withstand the temptation to give up or use harsh means to enforce the training regime.

The Bichon Frise is sure to respond well to Bichon Frise potty training provided certain steps are taken to ensure that he gets the message. For example, you should take him out fifteen minutes after he has consumed a meal since food is a trigger for him to eliminate. To succeed with Bichon Frise training in this regard, it would be best to let him out as soon as he shows signs of having an urge to eliminate.

Sooner rather than later, he will pick up the right habit and reward you with going to an appropriate place to eliminate and ease himself.

There are a number of methods that you can choose in order to give your pet the right Bichon Frise potty training and among them is to crate train your Bichon Frise. You need to also try and understand if your Bichon Frise is confused about where to potty he may have many housebreaking accidents and also determine whether in excitement he uses the carpet as a place to pee.

In any case you need to, when such accidents take place, note down the circumstances and try and rectify the reasons behind such accidents.

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