The Donut Dog Bed Style

by Johnathan Livingston

One of the more traditional, classic styles is the donut dog bed. This bed isn’t the latest and greatest in fashion, and there are many designer beds out there that may seem better. However, the classic design of this dog bed is that it has consistently shown itself to be both comfortable for dogs and nice to look at for owners.

One thing everyone really likes about donut dog beds is that you can quickly take them apart. The bed includes two parts: a cushioned ring that is made out of very soft, comfortable material, and a sturdy base that is padded very well. This design gives your dog something to rest its head on and keeps him from using pillows off of your sofa or even your bed.

The removable cushion on the bottom is often very soft in a donut dog bed and your furry friend will enjoy sleeping on its warm softness. If you are planning on traveling and your dog will be sleeping in the car while you drive then it is a good idea to go ahead and remove the larger ring and just use the bottom cushion to give you more room in the vehicle while providing the best comfort for your companion.

Another great use for this pad is for those times that you have to put your dog in a crate. Crates tend to not be padded at all, so placing the bottom part of your donut dog bed inside the crate adds a lot of comfort to it. Once you return home or can let your dog out of the crate, it doesn’t take much to reattach the top ring and recreate your dog’s favorite napping spot. This ability is one of the best features of the donut dog bed and essentially gives you two beds in one.

When looking into what type of bed you are planning on purchasing for your dog, you should know that donut dog beds are extremely durable. These pads have been made in a way that allows them to be disassembled and washed repeatedly. So, even if there are accidents, you can rest assured in knowing that your canine ‘s favorite sleeping spot can easily be cleaned.

The cushion in a donut dog bed may be made out of a variety of different materials, including wool, flannel, leather, and microfiber. Deciding on which fabric to get is pretty easy-just take a look at what you need. A puppy or active dog may need a durable bed made from wool, while an older dog may appreciate the comfort that microfiber entails. Find the bed that’s best suited to your dog.

There are also a range of sizes offered for those interested in purchasing a donut dog bed. This form of bed can be ordered to fit anything from a Chihuahua to a Great Dane. However, if you are purchasing the item for a larger breed puppy, be sure to calculate the animal ‘s full grown size as they could outgrow their bed in just a few short months if it is too small.

Since the design of the donut dog bed is so popular, there is also a wide range of fabric patterns that you can select from. While color and design are not the most important trait of choosing the perfect sleeping arrangements for your canine friend, it can be a fun element to find something that perfectly matches your dog ‘s attitude. Or, if you plan to put the fixture in a decorated room, you might find something to match that decor.

With all of these great features, it’s obvious why the donut dog bed has scored so highly with owners and their pets. It’s a very comfortable, sturdy, and even flexible style of dog bed that has many different uses. While other dog beds can provide some of these features, there’s nothing like a donut dog bed when you want a classic sleeping space for your dog.

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