The Must Know Natural Flea Control Methods

It is quite essential to use right control methods because pest are always a menace not only to pets but to human beings. These blood sucking pests can be quite dangerous especially if they are allowed to thrive, if the right natural flea control methods are not used on them, they do not only cause diseases but also destroy immunity. In some cases, fleas can lead to death. This is reason why you should use the best methods to counter flea attack, preferably the natural techniques.

The conventional methods of controlling these pests by use of chemicals have proven to be quite unreliable. The natural control methods are simply the best and they are inexpensive too. Pests have developed resistance to industrial chemicals. In fact, they are known to cause serious health hazards to the animals as more lethal chemicals are produced every day.

There are quite a number of methods that can be used to control fleas. The two main popular natural methods are the use of Electric flea trap and Diatomaceus. It is paramount to note that Diatomceus is basically a flea dust produced from fossilized remains of the ever effective hard-shelled algae-diatoms. This dust is reliable not only when you want to eliminate fleas but other insects like cockroaches, ticks, and ants.

The electrical trap comes at a very cheap price has a high utility value that it provides users. It can capture as much as 10,000 fleas and hide them behind its well designed grid. It simple to operate and can cover a relatively big area averaging 25ft. If well used, it will definitely save you lots of money in the long run.

There are other natural methods that can be used to control fleas too, and the best thing is that these natural remedies are equally effective and cheap. The rosemary flea drip involves boiling rosemary for about 30-minutes in moderate heat. This is done in order to get the liquids, leaves are afterwards discarded after the boiling, and some cold water added to bring down the temperature. The amounts of water you will use solely depend on the size of your cat or dog; lastly, soak your pet and allow him to dry naturally.

An equally effective method is brewer yeast that can be done at home and achieve better results. In this method, the yeast is added to the dog’s food the way you can do with tablet medication. It is ingested and is in the systems, the extra are usually eliminated through the skin creating unfavorable conditions for fleas. Fleas do not like this test at all so they will die or move away from the skin.

Lemon spray repellent is another reliable natural technique that you can bank on to keep fleas away from your pet. Just cut lemons into pieces, put in boiling water and leave it for between 12-24hrs. In the morning, spray your dog and you will see how within a short time there will be no fleas.

Control experts have recommended the use of apple cedar vinegar especially by pet-owners who do not want to us harmful chemicals. This method is cheap and effective, it is highly recommended to use on dogs and other home pets. The apple vinegar is simply added in the food that the dog takes making the skin of the pet to be quite acidic. The pest will either die off or simply go away from your pets.

When you are looking for information about natural flea control, pay a visit to the web pages online here today. You can see details at now.

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