The Proper Way Of Training Your Boston Terrier

by Wendy Caples

It is important to conduct proper and effective training so that your Boston Terrier will understand the rules and regulations of living with you. Many people blame the fact that Boston Terriers were originally raised for fighting for the few problems of the breed. Actually, the Boston Terrier has been bred down to be a companion pet.

Breeding high quality parents is the key to producing good natured Boston Terriers. There are Many breeders who breed and sell Boston Terriers who know nothing about the breed and its needs. The resulting Boston Terrier problems caused by improper breeding include hyperactivity, aggressiveness and mindlessly yapping.

If you want to train your Boston Terrier, you will have to look at a lot of aspects and areas. You will have to give your Boston obedience and behavioral training, as well as housebreaking. Because the Boston Terrier is an intelligent and alert kind of dog it won’t be very difficult for you to get him to understand.

Despite Boston Terrier problems you will find that training your Boston Terrier will not be that difficult due to the availability of resources today. You will have to learn to consider different aspect and areas when it comes to training your Boston Terrier. Focusing on your dog’s behavior, obedience and house breaking will help you tremendously as these are the foundations of an efficient training.

Learning positive reinforcement is crucial because it lets your Boston Terrier know that you’re either pleased or unhappy with what he is doing. Be quick, firm and generous when reinforcing your dog. Let your dog immediately know if you’re happy or displeased with you Boston has done. Use tools and command to help your dog understand what you mean. Boston Terriers are very sensitive to the tone of your voice; they can detect even slight changes, so use this as an advantage. When giving command use only one word for each action. Be consistent with the use of that word and have the rest of the family use that word also.

Use only one word for each command and use that same word consistently. You will encounter Boston Terrier problems when you use words alternately as this will confuse you dog. Next thing is to teach you dog how to pay attention. Attention makes learning possible, so teach your dog to pay attention.

Rude behavior is not uncommon with Boston Terriers, so make your dog see and feel that you are unhappy with what he is doing. To see if your dog is paying attention, say his name in a low voice, if he will look at you it means he is giving you attention. Reward this action with a pat, a bit of food, or a toy.

Boston Terriers have the potential of becoming the perfect pet. You just have to give a push to become one. They are well mannered, gentle, highly intelligent and alert, so it will not be very difficult to train them. If you are having difficulties despite doing your best, go to a Boston Terrier behavioral therapist or consultant, or better yet go to a professional trainer.

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