The Story Behind Dog Clothes Sizing

Variations in Dog Clothes Sizes

Why is it that you figure out your dog is a size medium after a lot of trial and error and then his new medium coat doesn’t fit? He didn’t grow bigger or smaller. Medium is medium, large is large, right? Well, no. Dog clothes do not have a standard size like people clothes have. There is very little variation in clothes for people because manufacturers all use the same size chart. This isn’t the case with dog clothes. Every manufacturer has their own idea what extra small is, what medium and large are. So, you need to use their size chart and know your dog’s measurements for neck, chest and body length.

Measure Your Dog Then Buy

Find your online dog clothes supplier’s size chart. Measure your dog’s neck, chest and the length of the body from the base of the neck to where the dog’s tail starts. Compare your dog’s measurements to the chart. Your dog might have two different sizes, depending on the outfit. He might have large in dog shirt but a medium size in dog pants. It will save you a lot of hassle of having to exchange the new dog clothes if you measure first and get the right fit the first time.

Dog Clothes Care

Wash your dog’s new cute dog clothes in cold water by hand and hang them up to dry. If you put them into the washer and dryer they will probably shrink a size or two. They might shrink in some spots and not in others so he or she can’t wear them anymore.

Return Policy on Dog Clothes

Using the sizing charts will be really helpful in getting your dog’s size right the first time. At times, there still might be some unforeseen problems like bunching up around the neck or legs and you will need to exchange the outfit for a different size. Make sure the dog clothes company offers returns so you can get a better fit.

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