Transport Dog Crates for Travel With Your Dog

An alarming number of dogs and other pets become injured, lost, or even die on board an airplane when traveling in transport dog crates. Compared to the number of successful animals transported from one location to another via the airlines, this number is low. But dog enthusiasts and breeders routinely fly their dogs in transport dog crates or pet travel carriers without having any trouble at all. The airlines claim to make every effort possible that dogs that travel on-board will be perfectly safe.

Simply because thousands and thousands of pets are safely transferred from one destination to another via the airlines, does not mean that dog owners do not need to take responsible precautionary measures to ensure the safety of their family pet. After all, it only takes one incident to change your life forever when your dog becomes seriously injured or dies because of a lack of preparation on your part.

The best precautionary measure you can take, of course, is not to transport your pet at all. The next best is to drive to your destination and take your dog in the car with you – you will preferably need to use pet travel carriers for this purpose, but your dog will be right alongside you all the way. If you have a puppy, or small dog, then the trip will not be so traumatic for your dog if he is allowed to travel in the passenger compartment with you, tucked safely underneath your seat. There are some really stylish pet carriers you can use for this purpose, as well as the very small sized transport dog crates.

It is essential before proceeding with any type of dog transport, to take your dog to your vet for a complete checkup to ensure that there are no medical conditions that might be aggravated by any type of travel, or confinement for a number of hours in transport dog crates or pet carriers for small pets.

The best time of day for your dog to travel is when the outside temperature is at a medium level. So if you’re traveling in a warm climate, early morning or the evening are the best times. Conversely, if you’re traveling in especially cold weather, the middle of the day is best. This will help ensure that your dog does not overheat, or catch a chill.

It may seem like common sense to advise this tip, but it does happen at times where puppies are loaded in a crate and do not handle the flight very well. Always fly your puppy with you in the cabin area so that you can keep the dog comfortable with small treats and affection. A puppy’s early weeks (and months) are a very crucial time in its life. Everything that the dog experiences becomes downloaded into its memory. It’s called socialization and a traumatizing flight that keeps a puppy in a constant state of shock and anxiety for hours on end may have disastrous results that could last a lifetime for the pup.

Not all dogs can easily cope with the experience of being locked up in transport dog crates and placed in the cargo hold during an airplane ride. Every dog owner knows what his or her dog’s personality is like. Trust your gut instincts on whether or not you think your dog can handle the flight.

Separation anxiety is a real condition that should not be overlooked. It is estimated that almost 20% of all dogs suffer at some level from separation anxiety. These personality types make very poor candidates for dog transport by airplane, unless they can travel in the passenger cabin with you (which medium and large dogs obviously cannot). Such dogs should not be left alone and when their condition reaches elevated levels, it is not uncommon for a dog to literally chew through a metal cage in the attempt of trying to escape, causing severe injuries that can cause the dog to bleed to death. It may be possible to treat your dog with natural anxiety remedies, or you may even want to talk to your vet about a sedative if you think your dog will react badly to being transported.

Taking your dog on an airplane requires meticulous preparation and planning. Selecting the right transport dog crates or stylish pet carriers or other means of dog transport is essential.

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