Treat Your Pet With The Best Gourmet Dog Treats

The pet treat industry generates billions of dollars worldwide. For many food manufacturers it is seen as a good, highly-profitable way to get rid of animal by-products deemed to be “unfit for human consumption”. These products might contain diseased or cancerous meat. As pet owners learn more about the by-products, fat, fillers, flavourings, colourings and preservatives that leave little room for any genuine nutritional content in mass-produced, commercial brands, it is no surprise that more and more people are turning to gourmet dog treats instead.

Your furry, four-legged friend merits a treat from time to time. They ought not to be “cherished” with something liable to contain potentially harmful, unhealthy ingredients. The top-notch canine crunchies tend to be organic varieties, made fresh from quality, human grade ingredients.

Healthful rewards should consist of wholesome foods and lean meat. They ought not to be crammed full of corn meal and other low-priced fillers. Luxury canine munchies should be all-natural, free from preservatives and chock-a-block with deluxe nutrition to give health benefits and energy to your pampered pooch. Such high-quality rewards should make up no more than ten percent of a first-class diet.

Nowadays, there are almost infinite kinds of gourmet titbits: home-baked munchies for dogs have developed into a flourishing home trade chiefly due to internet sales. Modest, family-run businesses provide personalized orders for best possible freshness. All-natural, tailor-made chews are able to be custom produced to health- or age-specific demands; in gluten- or wheat-free varieties; hypo-allergenic menus, or with tastes to satisfy discerning dogs with discriminating palates that don’t appreciate manufactured delights.

Creating your individual gourmet snacks might prove to be the cheapest way of guaranteeing that your pet gets tasty snacks, safe for any special health issues like allergies, sensitive tummies and other problems with digestion. Organic foodstuffs in rewards that you make yourself give your canine companion an enhanced existence. They will remain healthier longer, and be less susceptible to common illnesses. Any injuries should also clear up more quickly.

The array of different shapes, flavours and sizes of gourmet snacks available is staggering. Cookies, donuts, jerky and rawhide are some common styles. Truffles, lambs ears, cupcakes are also readily obtainable. Bagels, braided and knotted sticks, beef ears, biscotti and even doggy ice cream can also be had from various sources.

Trade-name labels are often high in fat and low in nutritional value. They can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, gas and bad breath. The high levels of carbohydrates, corn syrup and molasses in many brand-name snacks can lead to obesity, arthritis and diabetes. Even products which advertise themselves as all-natural can be misleading as the regulations on the labelling of pet treats are lax. The FDA has refused to define the term “all natural”.

Man’s best friends deserve gourmet dog treats that benefit their teeth, their digestion and their immune systems. Rewards carrying the USDA “Certified Organic” stamp will not include any artificial colours or ingredients, and can only have gone through minimal processing. Natural snacks should hold nothing man-made except for minerals and vitamins. Holistic snacks can only comprise real fruit, vegetables, hormone-free meat, enzymes and probiotics.

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