Using Your Beagle Pictures to Decorate Your Home

by Michelle Adams

You love your Beagle, so it only makes sense that you want to show off your dog in the form of taking Beagle pictures with your camera. Beagles are lovable dogs who tend to have a lot of patience as they mature, so you should not have a problem with getting them ready for an impromptu photo session.

You have two general places that you could take photos: indoors, or outdoors. Either way, if you want to capture a great Beagle picture, you will have to do some planning. For example, do you want the pictures just to be of the Beagle, or would you also like family members in some of the pictures too? Ideally, a great photography session will have both family members as well as the beagle. This should especially be the case if the Beagle is still a puppy and can only stay still by being held!

What is something that you have noticed most great Beagle pictures have? If you think of props, then you would be correct! Props add something extra to each picture, and can say a lot about the subject of the picture. For example, if you want to take an informal picture, take one of your Beagle with a favorite chew toy or bone.

Also, you can take a colored sheet and place it over a chair, sit the dog in the chair, and when you zoom in you have a very easy formal picture!

Another idea for a more informal picture is to take pictures outside in the backyard with the dog playing fetch with a family member. These Beagle pictures certainly make for great memories. If you prefer to have seasonal pictures, an idea is to take pictures of the dog playing in the autumn leaves or the winter snow.

You have seen far too many pictures of dogs playing outside or posed with their favorite toy to interest you much. You want to take Beagle pictures that stand out from the rest. In order to do so, however, you might first need some outside inspiration.

Inspiration might be as close by as your local pet supply store. While waiting in the checkout line, you have no doubt noticed the pet magazines. Why not buy one and perhaps get inspiration from those pictures? Bookstores can also be an inspiration.

Of course, you might not have to seek outside sources for inspiration when it comes to taking great Beagle pictures. Now might be the time to unleash (no pun intended) that inner photographer in you. Let the dog do what it wants and just spend some time observing your Beagle with a camera ready. You are sure to be pleased with the results.

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