What Are The Most Common Beagle Problem Behaviors?

by Michelle Adams

Whenever you are considering adding a dog to your life, you need to know what you are getting into. Before you bring the dog home, it is vital that you read about the breed or breeds your dog is made up of and see what health and behavioral problems the breeds are known for. This is not meant to scare you away from ever owning a dog, but to empower your dog adopting decision.

Compared to some breeds, the worst Beagle behavior problems are more annoying than anything else. Some, like wandering, can be easily prevented through regular exercise, supervision when outside and neutering. Beagles, as well as other dogs, have only recently moved indoors with people. It’s only natural that there are still some Beagle training pains to go through. A lot of Beagles are given up to shelters; sadly, because their owners would not take the time to learn about Beagle nutrition, exercise requirements or personality.

But even neutered animals can have problems wandering. If they are not wandering for sex, then what are they wandering off for? They could be wandering off to follow a delicious smell (Beagles have appetites bigger than they are). They could also be wandering off because of boredom. Your yard needs at least a four-foot fence to keep in a Beagle. Although excellent for other breeds, invisible fences do not always work for Beagles.

You don’t need to look up in any dog training book to know what the prevention of wandering is. You need to take away your Beagle’s reasons for wandering off in the first place. Neutering is essential here, especially before the dog is two years old.

Keep garbage and trash in locked receptacles and spray the can or bin with bitter apple, usually sold to stop puppies from chewing on the furniture or on your hands. You may also have to put a lock on the refrigerator, as Beagles have been known to figure out how to open them.

Wandering and separation anxiety can be dealt partially with proper nutrition and exercise. Your new mantra is “A tired Beagle is a good Beagle”. Too rich a diet will make your Beagle bounce off of the walls. And Beagles worship food, so they will easily overeat. Proper exercise also makes your dog more prone to nap when you are gone instead of tear a room apart in separation anxiety.

Immediate things you can do include leaving the radio or television on so the Beagle hears a human voice. You should also leave a shirt or other piece of clothing you’ve just worn so your scent will comfort the Beagle, much like a teddy bear comforts a child who has to sleep in her own bed for the first time.

You should also leave as quietly and calmly as possible. Other tips can be found in all breed dog training books or websites. There are even Beagle support groups to swap tips and laughter.

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