What Do Dogs Really Need?

Similar to humans pets need to eat, drink and need a place to stay. Make sure your dog has always pure and clean water available. In order to keep him healthy you also should take care of quality food for your dog. As you already know there are countless ways to feed your dog.

So which one is the right one to chose? For making the right choice your dog\’s breed is an important factor. There is everything available from homemade food to special diets prescribed by your vet.

Should you be uncertain about your dog\’s nutrition you can always ask your vet. Here is a simple strategy to find the right food. Start with one brand of food. If your dog is happy with it, stay with it. In case he doesn\’t like it try something else.

The same should be done if your dog seems to be allergic to something in the food you are feeding it. Simply try a different kind then.

There are lots of options with regard to shelter. Just make sure that your dog does not have to stay outside without any shelter. In the house you can provide your dog with a bed. And it can be anywhere – even in your bedroom if you like.

Make sure you include some time to exercise and play with your dog into your daily schedule. This is not only vital for your dog\’s health but he will also love it very much.

You have to train your dog to do the exercises regularly while you are exercising. Try exercises like walking, running, catching the ball etc. Take your dogs for regular health checkups.

In summary, here is – besides everything else – what your dog needs most: Your love and affection. He would certainly be able to survive physically without you being around. But what a life would that be?

The one thing that your dog needs and wants from you most is your love and affection. To give him this is – as I hope – the best motivation for having a dog. It will make his life so much more fun – as well as yours.

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