What Seizure Alert Dogs Can Do For You

More people are recommending opting for seizure alert dogs as a good choice for those who suffer from epilepsy. There are many epileptics who don’t find it easy to cope with life on a daily basis because seizures can set you back a great deal.

Many people find that your quality of life is affected. Some people are not able to drive because of this. Those who become epileptic later in life find it more difficult to cope because they don’t know when they are going to get a seizure. Even for those where the attacks are more controlled, there is usually only a minute or two to prepare.

Because there is little time to realize that a seizure is coming on, it is usually not enough time to know what to do, especially if you are stuck in traffic. Medication can cause side effects and this creates big problems because one is always experimenting. Neurologists don’t always believe in this method, but it has been proven.

Kids also suffer because they always want to go and play with their friends and find that life is different because of their condition. Parents can become over protective because they worry, and this is only natural. Children often fall down and hurt themselves. This can be dangerous because it can cause a lot of damage. They may be in the swimming pool and suddenly an attack will strike all they may even fall out of a tree as a result. This is not something to look forward to. Every parent worries about things like these.

Children also suffer from a loss in confidence because they may have only got this condition later in life and it could change a lot of what they are feeling. It is something that often changes the child for good because they may not want to go out and play with their friends anymore. This is where one of these dogs is perfect because it helps them get back to where they were before.

A dog like this is not only a great companion, but it has been well trained to cope with any situation relating to seizures. It can sense when something is going to come along and this takes a lot of strain away from the person with epilepsy as well as the whole family. They usually know when a seizure is going to happen fifteen minutes before.

All of these dogs have been professionally trained by someone who knows what they are doing. This takes time and patience. Not all dogs are able to be trained in this way and people who are professionals have to go through a special course because it is quite involved.

Many people have been able to get rid of their medication by turning to seizure alert dogs. This is something that carries a lot of benefits for those who have been struggling with epilepsy with years as well as those who have just been diagnosed. People should have the best quality of life and this is a way of helping them with that.

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