What to Do If Your Pet Has Dog Urine Infection

Dog UTI is a painful condition that we must be careful our pets do not contract. While it is not fatal, the problems that arise from dog urine infection may further complicate existing ailments that the animal may already have. It is important that you are familiar with canine urinary tract infection and how to treat it the best way possible.

Urinary tract infections in animals are a fairly common occurrence with pets. This is usually developed when the canine has ingested contaminated water and food. The harmful organisms are then transmitted to their blood stream and when left untreated for too long, will infiltrate the other internal organs as well.

These destructive organisms then travel to their bloodstream and make their way to the other organs, infecting their internal system.

This means that there is perhaps nothing more important than for you to maintain a sanitary living arrangement for your pet. A great dog UTI treatment at home is useless if the area is dirty and rife with these microorganisms. Your home needs to be clean. Wash your dog regularly and trim his fur, especially around their genital parts. This will inhibit bacteria from breeding on him.

A popular dog UTI treatment at home is apple cider vinegar. This raises the acidity in the urine, thus neutralizing the bacteria in it. If there is no apple cider vinegar available, give him citrus juices like lime, orange or cranberry juice. This serves the same purpose and is effective for UTI treatment for humans and canine alike.

A widely held dog UTI treatment at home is apple cider vinegar. What this does is increase the acidity level of the urine, which in turn neutralizes the bacteria. Citrus juices are also as effective. Include lime, cranberry or orange juice in his daily water intake. These are good therapies that humans and dogs with UTI can use.

Consult the vet for what antibiotic to give to your pet if he is in the more advanced stages of UTI. It is better, however, that you check out natural and homeopathic therapies first before you try any drugs or medication for your animal. Golden rod, juniper berry, staphysagris, berberis vulgaris, berberis, uva ursi and cantharis are some excellent tonics that can treat UTI.

Have your dog take these supplements together with a nutritional and mineral rich diet. A fresh raw food diet instead of commercial feed is recommended. Don’t give table scraps and leftovers to your dog; and remove uneaten cuisine that has stayed out for too long. It is highly likely that it will have been contaminated and this will make worse the urinary tract infection.

Dog urine infection is often preventable and easily treatable; however, it is important that you know about it so you can take the necessary steps to avoid it.

A good dog UTI treatment at home need not be expensive to be effective. Find out more about useful tips and valuable cures on dog urine infection in this outstanding canine website-HealthyHappyDogs.com.

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