What To Expect From Your Rescued Pet

It is good to hear that more and more people are bypassing breeders and opting to adopt dogs from animal shelters or a dog rescue organization. This is a great alternative especially since many homeless dogs are out there, though owners must give their rescue dog a bit of time to adjust with their newfound home and these dogs may have a few special needs.

Of course, any owner would like to have a dog that is well-behaved, well-adjusted and 100% healthy but your rescued animal may be a bit shy at first or need a bit of extra health care. Set a veterinarian visit as soon as possible after the adoption process to see about the overall health of your dog. Usually, these animals are in a relatively healthy condition but may require some dental work or a thorough cleaning. Grooming should not be overlooked and you can do it yourself or take them to a groomer. Furthermore, even if a dog was stated to be housebroken, they are often unsure where to go to the bathroom and are nervous, so accidents can and do occur. Be patient and your dog should know what to do quickly.

Obviously adding a pet to your family is a bit alteration for everyone in the house, but this is especially true for your new dog. Certainly, being rescued and cared for by your family is wonderful, but the new surroundings tend to cause high amounts of stress for many dogs. Keeping this in mind, not all dogs will immediately bond with you and your family. It takes time for them to become used to you and your ways, and often these dogs have been ignored or mistreated or moved from home to home. Simply be patient and gentle and use a soft, soothing voice. Try to encourage other members of the household to do the same, as well, at least for the first few days or weeks.

Obedience training is a must after bringing your dog home aside from proper veterinary grooming and care. It is a common misconception that such training will intimidate or scare a rescue dog though this is not true. Owners and their dogs benefit from obedience training as it creates a stronger bond between them. Dogs love the extra attention and the training process allows them to do so. Praises are also given during the training making your dog’s confidence boosted. Additionally, you will learn more about each other in the process.

Dogs aren’t born learning how to behave and a rescue dog will not know the rules of your home, so it is imperative that you follow through with dog obedience training. Through proper training, you can teach your dog to behave and curb irksome behavior such as barking, chewing and scratching, running away, dragging you on a leash and not coming when called. You can teach your dog to obey boundaries in your home and yard and in public places. Your dog will be safer and won’t run away, your home will be happier because your dog will truly be an excellent and well-behaved companion.

Obedience training takes time and programs that promise perfect obedience in a matter of days or a week should be avoided. This is because dog training takes a few weeks before one can see its full effects. If you are near Seattle and are looking for dog training -program, contact Seattle Family Dog Training. Expert dog trainers are able and ready to assist you in training and create a better understanding with your pet’s characteristics and personality.

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