What You Need to Know in House Training a Puppy

We know, we know-you have the bestest, the cutest little puppy in the whole world. Let’s see if you still think that after he ejects one of those smelly mounds for the nth time. This is not to burst your bubble of course but you do have to wake up and smell the poop one day, so to speak. When you learn about house training a puppy, you can be spared of unnecessary frustration and irritation.

One of the first things that your puppy will have to learn is dog potty training. The great news is that if they start at a younger age, the higher simpler it is to educate him. If you have any say at it, start them when they are 8 to 12 weeks old. When you do it right, the rest of his canine years will be better for you in terms of odor management.

In potty training, it’s all about the timing. Whatever he consumes, expect him to discharge after 20 to 30 minutes. Monitor the movements of the animal when he is inside the house. Observe him closely for indications that he is about to poop and take him outside. He needs to understand early on that his business is appropriate to be done only outside the house.

Bring the dog to the same specific spot outside where you want him to eliminate after meal times. If he seems that he is just about to poop, say a phrase that you want him to associate with. You can use “potty time!” or “go poop!”-whatever it is, say it every time he poops for the next few weeks. He will realize that this is his cue to potty and will do so on command.

When you are able to get him to successfully poop or pee in the spot you chose for him, bombard him with praises. Let him know that he is the best puppy in the world by devoting several minutes of affectionate play time. You can give him his favorite treat also but it is pleasing you that he wants more than anything. When he becomes the recipient of such lavish attention and praise, he will want to keep doing whatever it was that prompted that reaction from you.

After several minutes of play time, it’s time to bring him back inside the house. Remember, you shouldn’t give him food or water unless you can take him outside after 30 minutes. You want to form good habits as early as possible. Take the puppy for a walk outside after waking up, after mealtimes and before his bedtime.

Expect to run across a few accidents in the next two months when you are dog potty training. When you see evidence of this, scoop out the poop and move on. There is no need to scold him for it because he won’t understand why you are upset. Now you have the basics on house training a puppy-go on and enjoy quality bonding experience with him.

Dog potty training is an important task every pet owner must endeavor to accomplish. Learn the most effective tips on house training a puppy on this comprehensive canine website-HealthyHappyDogs.com.

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