Your Golden Retriever Puppy

by Carol Matthews

If you have ever seen a new litter of Golden Retriever puppies, you know how absolutely irresistible these furry babies are. However, those cute mugs and fuzzy bodies belie a dog that is going to grow quickly, with an exuberance and energy that will require plenty of time and effort on the part of the owner.

The puppy phase of the Golden Retriever will often last as long as three years, meaning that you are in for a playful, rambunctious dog for many years ahead. This can be good in many ways, but it can also be a challenge to train these pups into controlled, well-behaved creatures.

The first step in caring for Golden Retriever puppies is selecting the right breeder and then choosing the best dog from that breeder We have tips to help you do that, and give you the supplies and information that you will need to collect before you ever bring that puppy home. If you are well prepared to receive your new pet into your home, you will be much more successful in the housebreaking and training of your dog. A Golden Retriever that is properly trained and cared for is a delight to his family and the visitors that come to his home.

The first step in finding Golden Retriever puppies is to find a reputable breeder, and this can be a process in itself. Because this breed is a popular one, there are many breeders supplying puppies, but not all the pups will be as healthy and good-tempered as you would like. Ask the breeder about his practices, how he breeds out inherited conditions and less desirable traits. Visit his home to see whether the dogs are a member of his family and well socialized to people. A good breeder will also question you to see if you will be able to provide the best home possible for his precious pups.

Ask the breeder if he has documentation to show that he is actively breeding out hereditary disorders, and get the veterinarian records for the particular litter that you are considering. A good breeder will have questions for you also, since responsible breeders will want to make sure that their dogs go to the best homes possible.

There are plenty of reasons why Golden Retriever puppies consistently top the lists of most popular dogs today. When you choose a Golden Retriever pup from a reputable breeder, you will acquire a friendly, inquisitive dog with an insatiable desire to please his master.

When you have stocked your home with the right supplies and information for your new dog, you can rest assured that your puppy will receive the best care and training right from the beginning of his life with you.

When you prepare well and select your pup with care, a Golden Retriever can be the perfect choice in pets for many families today. A friendly dog that is always ready to play and never wants to be far from his family, the Golden Retriever has a well deserved reputation as one of the most popular breeds today. If you decide to add a Golden to your family, you will have a dog that will bring years of enjoyment and companionship to everyone in your family.

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