Your New Dog Checklist

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What’s almost as much fun as welcoming a new dog into your home? When you bring a new dog into your home, you might be a little overwhelmed. Thus, here is a checklist of things to consider for the new addition to your home.

  1. If you plan to let your dog loose in your yard, you will need a fence that should be dog proof so your dog is never encouraged by successful escapes and will prevent other animals from getting inside the boundary.
  2. All dogs should be crate trained, and the best time to start is now. Crates come in three types: wire, which folds flat and has better ventilation; plastic, which is cozy and is approved for airline shipping; and cloth, which is lightweight but can be shredded by dogs who want to get out. Wait until your dog behaves in a hard-sided crate before trying a cloth one. Buy a size-appropriate crate for use in potty training and providing down time for your dog. Dogs are den animals, so having a safe place to rest will be very comforting. Put a blanket or bed inside to increase comfort.
  3. One of the most important things you can get for your dog is an ID tag with your dog’s name and your number on it.
  4. Your dog will need to go on walks so buy a collar he can’t slip out of. If you are getting an adolescent dog that may be more difficult to walk, try a Premier Easy Walk harness.
  5. Buy dog leashes, ideally a 4 foot or near enough for better control.

    Leather Collars for Dogs

  6. Anti-chew spray Like an off-limits sign for your furniture legs, these sprays taste bitter so your puppy will be discouraged from chewing inappropriately.
  7. A collar which helps in controlling and identifying your dog. A leather buckle collar is most suitable for most dogs.
  8. Especially if you are not allowing your dogs on the furniture, provide a couple of comfortable beds in the main rooms of the house so they can relax with the family.
  9. Look for a high quality food with healthy ingredients. Discuss any special nutritional needs for your breed or breed mix with your veterinarian.
  10. When you start training, you’ll need treats. Again, the higher quality the better.
  11. Poop bags you will need them while taking your dog out for walks.

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