Job Choices for graduates with a Master of Public Administration degree

A Master of Public Administration degree prepares students for jobs in government agencies, nonprofit charities, and businesses that work closely with governments.

Graduates with an MPA degree can work at the federal, state and community government level.

They may be involved in important choices regarding policy-making, social system evaluation and offering basic services to the public.

To prepare graduates for these responsibilities and challenges, MPA training courses usually consist of a number of professionally-focused, interdisciplinary areas of study including economics, sociology, law, anthropology, political science, and regional planning.

This makes sure that MPA graduates are going to be in a position to use a wide-ranging set of abilities and knowledge covering several topics and disciplines that are pertinent to the public sector.

Typical courses that MPA students will study include things like microeconomics, statistics and research methodology, policy process and policy evaluation, public monetary management, managerial accounting, leadership, planning, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), administrative theory & practice, organizational behavior and change, legal and political context of public management, public human resources management, ethical considerations for public administration, and program evaluation and performance measurement.

Master of Public Administration students can choose from a range of specializations such as nonprofit management, local government administration, budgeting & finance, and human resources management, urban planning, emergency management, transportation, public health and healthcare, economic development, urban management, community development, education, non-profits, information technology, environmental policy, cultural policy, and criminal justice.

The general scope of an MPA degree is therefore invaluable preparation for numerous supervisory, managerial, analyst, and support-staff positions.

And Master of Public Administration graduates have flexible professional possibilities that permit them to work in the governmental, nonprofit and private sectors through promotions, lateral transfers and career switching.

People who have earned a Master of Public Administration degree might start their profession working with community government, and then change to a position in the federal government, or with a nonprofit organization.

The Master of Public Administration program prepares graduates to serve as executives in the executive division of local, state/provincial, and federal/national government, as well as in nongovernmental organization (NGO) and nonprofit fields; it places a focus on the systematic analysis of executive management.

Lots of MPA graduates pursue careers in community government administration such as staffing, finance, policy, planning, and other departments.

And many city planners have a dual degree in public administration and engineering so they can plan public parks as well as buildings and other projects.

Another choice for Master of Public Administration graduates is to work outside of government as Executive Directors in the charitable sector or for industrial trade organizations.

In those situations, the MPA graduate can use their specialized expertise to oversee organizational programs, set procedures, and create a cooperative relationship with appropriate governmental agencies. In these instances, the MPA training is used to direct programs, advance policy and function cooperatively with government agencies.

A person with an advanced degree in public administration may also pursue a career in social work, administering social services organizations, like foster care or drug rehabilitation organizations and charities.

And of course the nationalfederal government is an attractive professional option for Master of Public Administration graduates who want to work with elected officials, oversee national program budgets, develop public policy, and even administer federal agencies.

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