Rights of Foreign Workers in Australia

All people doing work in Australia, including overseas workforce, are entitled to fundamental rights and protections in the workplace. Foreign workers are people who are not Australian citizens or hold permanent residency, and could comprise of ‘backpackers’, seasonal employees, or international students. In order to work in Australia, they need to have a non-permanent long stay or permanent visa.

Workplace laws in Australia ordinarily apply equally to all employees employed in Australia. Business owners hiring foreign employees ought to make sure they comply with each Australian workplace laws and immigration laws.

Australian immigration laws – such as applying for and understanding the foundations of authorised work visas, along with the obligation to pay market wage costs for Subclass 457 visa holders – are enforced by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. For any information on various visa requirements, visit the Department of Immigration and Citizenship web sites or give them a ring.

Commonwealth workplace laws, such as the payment of minimum rates of pay and conditions below awards and agreements, are enforced by the Fair Work Ombudsman. Under Commonwealth workplace laws, no worker over the age of twenty one in the national workplace relations system might be rewarded under the minimum salary. The federal minimum income order is regulated by the Minimum Wages Panel inside Fair Work Australia, and it is built as a safety net.

Let us identify bare minimum rights and conditions in the workplace?

From 1st January 2010, all company employees inside the nationwide workplace relations system are given 10 (ten) elementary minimum entitlements called the National Employment Standards (NES).

The NES incorporate:

– maximum weekly hours of work – requests for adjustable working arrangements – parental leave and associated entitlements – annual leave – personal / carer’s leave and compassionate leave – community work leave – long service leave – public holidays – notice of termination and redundancy pay off – provision of a Fair Work Information Declaration.

Your minimum rights and conditions in the workplace could be done by a official record much like an award, a contract, or a contract of employment. Question your employer which one corresponds to you to discover how you are impacted.

In case an award or an agreement don’t apply, all employees within the national workplace relations system would be given fundamental minimum wage, conditions and protections beneath Commonwealth workplace laws.

If you’re solicited to sign any type of document conforming to certain working conditions, be sure you read it very meticulously and understand it before signing. Make a copy for your file. You shouldn’t experience a lot of unnecessary strain to sign any accord with the boss. If you do, phone the Fair Work Ombudsman branch.

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