The Importance Of NAACP Willow Run

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is an organization, which was formed in 1909. It was formed by Moorfield Storey, W. E. B. Du Bois and Mary White Ovington to fight for civil rights of African American citizens. It was also intended to ensure every American citizen regardless of his or her color enjoys economic, political, educational and social equality. First national office of this organization was established in 1910 within New York City. NAACP Willow Run branch works hard to ensure racial prejudices are eliminated.

The main intention of this branch is to make sure objectives and goals formed by beginners of the body are accomplished. The vision of NAACP was to end race-based discrimination and make sure that all people within the society have equal rights. The mission of the organization was enlarged in 20th century to consider issues like police misconduct and status of foreign refugees who are black.

NAACP had objective of using democratic process to eliminate barriers of racial prejudices. It had the duty of enhancing enforcement of federal, local and state laws that ensure civil rights of all citizens are secure. Another objective of this organization was to educate people on negative effects of racial-based discrimination. These were actually efforts of the body to make sure these evil acts come to an end. It also realized that, it was beneficial to let citizens know their rights as outlined within the constitution.

Headquarters of this body are situated in Baltimore, Maryland. Organization came up with various methods of motivating black Americas. One of methods was to educate them that they have capability of accomplishing great things. The other method was to reward those who performed well in different categories. Image Award was issued to a Black American, who did exceptionally within entertainment industry. Spingarn medals were presented to any black American who performed remarkably in any other category.

Regional offices of NAACP are located in cities like Michigan, Texas, California, New York, Georgia and Maryland. Regional offices have the duty of organizing state conferences within their respective regions. Activities of individual members are organized by college, youth and local chapters. It has a 64-member board. Board has role of administering this organization. Chairperson leads the board. Board members have duty of choosing one individual to act as the president of the organization. Another person is elected to act as a chief executive officer to perform essential functions within the organization.

This body has various departments, which executes duties of entire organization. Legal department handles cases associated with discrimination within government, education and in employment areas. Education department ensures quality of education in state, federal and local levels is improved. Health division ensures people are provided with quality health services.

This organization has played an essential role in fighting for rights of minorities within society. It has worked hard to ensure African Americans are treated fairly. With the effort of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, a number of states have passed anti-lynching laws.

The body has been and continues to address social and also racial injustices committed to minorities who are mainly African Americans. Furthermore, this nonprofit organization has played an essential role of meeting socioeconomic and cultural needs of underrepresented and disadvantaged African Americans. It has put appropriate strategies in place to make sure rights of its constituents are defended.

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