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I came throughout the cross Ion numerous years ago whilst i found it in a university bookstall discounted to 5 dollars and straight away purchased it. The small transportable design turned into unlike something I had seen earlier than and its futuristic look of beginning and closing the pen had me hooked. The pen turned into the perfect size to hold in my pocket with out it being too distracting. I best used this pen for a brief amount of time due to the only primary drawback which is the massive point size.

The handiest to be had length for the move Ion was the zero.7 mm top off that’s too big for my writing style. there has been no way to feature a smaller replenish size from other pens due to the fact you could handiest use the non-well-known refills made specifically for the pass Ion. cross had never provided a smaller factor length with this pen for the ones people who pick a smaller size.

It had been due to the fact that shelved and forgotten into my collection of pens. i lately came across it again in my reserve stash of pens in my workplace. It had this type of cool design that I truly didn’t want it to go to waste. i used to be determined yet again to find a way to apply the cross Ion with a refill that became smaller than a 0.7. It befell to me to just try to discover a replacement tip for the pen rather wasting my time with refills that might never match well.

After numerous failed experiments trying unique hints from my collection of pens I ultimately discovered a method to my trouble. the tip from retractable model of the workplace Max TUL emblem 0.five needle factor as well as the retractable Energel X needle factor suits the go Ion perfectly. here is a easy and smooth five min guide to convert to a needle point tip for the pass Ion.

pass Ion

pass Ion mod gear wished:

– One TUL 0.5 needle point refill.

– One pass Ion refill.

– Pilers.

– a material over work area in case some ink spills.

– excellent light source.

4 step technique:

– Take a pair of pilers and seize the aspect base of the metal tip, no longer the needle factor component.

– Do the equal with the steel tip on the go fill up. It must put out with a few minor strain.

– Use the pilers to insert the new tip in the cross refill; it need to snap into place flawlessly.

– revel in your new needle factor cross Ion!

View the whole move Ion Mod photograph set on Flickr.

pass Ion refills can nevertheless be bought off Amazon and the go internet site. some Staples shops nevertheless convey those refills but they can be hard to find. I generally tend to buy multiples of the things i love, so I think I grabbed three once I noticed them closing at Staples a few months ago. I’ve tried to find some thing smaller across the .35 range however changed into unsuccessful. this is the only way to exchange the larger point size without having to mod the present Ion top off or replace it all together. so far, the TUL 0.5 needle point tip works flawlessly with the cross Ion.

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