Emotions Play A Part In Gift-Giving

by Rick London

Do you know what motivates you to buy? Would you believe emotions play a major part/ Whether it is a vacation to Hawaii, or even Galveston, a brand new Lexus, or perhaps a used Toyota, or a Gucci bag or a nice slightly used but gently worn sweater from the local Goodwill, emotions played a big factor.

It might be a new shirt for me, or a gift card for someone else. Either way, I find that a lot of motivations come into play. At age 54, I tend not to buy as much for myself as I did in my younger more “self-absorbed” days, that is, when it was important for people not only to know me, but know what I possessed (as if they cared….they were too busy buying things for self to make sure others new them and what all they possessed). Ahh yes, yuppie-America….the 80’s and 90’s…weren’t those the good ol’ days?

Today, I get a real kick out of buying gifts or cards or both, often for no apparent reason, and give them to those close to me. I won’t just buy any gift, or send any flower to my significant other. Today the gift has to really mean something of significance, though it need not be of a major expense, and sometimes it is.

Here’s an example. MY better half, (female) other and I like to kid around about Victoria’s Secret merchandise. It is not that we have any kind of fetish or unnatural desire of their products; we just both find it funny how, at one time, it was such an “underground store”, not too unlike Frederick’s Of Hollywood, which, for whatever reason has decided to keep it’s “underground image”, whereas V.S. (as she and i like to call it), has become as mainstream as airport security, sex toy Tupperware parties, and reality shows.

I create cartoons and design a great many images onto a variety of products such as funny clothing, magnets, framed tiles, and the like. I recently decided to send her a variety of funny gift items with one of my Victoria’s Secret cartoons on them. The total order was less than a hundred bucks and it was a box-ful. Had I sent this same gift to, say, a close male friend, my brother, my sister, or my Uncle Jack, I do not believe any of them would have appreciated the gift as much, though they may have even formed a grin on their faces and scratched their heads.

Emotions, thoughts, and feelings are very important when buying a gift. Uncle Jack for instance loves fishing, so I find myself picking out some of my cartoon items such as mug, sweatshirt, or even fishing cap or whatever with various fish cartoons on them. I can assure you he appreciates them as much as my sweetie appreciates the Victoria’s Secret cartoon gifts, and appreciates it even more that I take the time to remember, he prefers fishing over wearing anything from Victoria’s Secret, unlike my significant other, which brings me back to emotions. I think V.S. is a gift for “us”, not just “her”.

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