Transform Your Beliefs At Psych-K Workshops

Attending basic Psych-K workshops can open up a variety of challenges and opportunities for you. Psych-K is based on the fact that nearly all human behavior begins at the subconscious level. Destructive and self-limiting beliefs found in the subconscious mind can prevent an individual from reaching their full potential. This method of changing these beliefs has been in existence for over twenty years with a good record of success.

Attending an introductory lecture can help you to understand how this particular process works. You will begin to understand how the beliefs in your subconscious mind shape your reality. You will gain insight into the importance of balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. A demonstration of muscle testing may be given. If this encourages your desire to know more, you can attend a basic workshop.

A basic workshop usually lasts two days and is led by a certified instructor. An instructor has to go through extensive training before being certified. This individual will guide you through the process of dealing with your self-sabotaging, limiting beliefs. This is done in a dynamic, interactive way.

In a basic workshop you will learn how to quantify your beliefs, the impact that they have on your behavior, and how to create new beliefs that affect every area of your life. A conflict often exists between your conscious goals and your subconscious beliefs which prevents you from moving forward. Belief statements are integrated into the subconscious mind, to produce clear, focused goals. You will see change in all areas of your life and experience physical, mental and spiritual well being.

The methods used in this process are a blend of contemporary research and ancient wisdom. Scientific research into how the brain operates is utilized as well as techniques which come from traditional wisdom about the mind and body. You are not required to go back into your past and figure out how these negative beliefs were recorded in your subconscious. What is important is using a set of simple, self-empowering techniques to change these beliefs and perceptions.

Advanced workshops are also available for those who want to go further. You learn how to work with others by establishing deep trust. You learn more about balancing of core beliefs, relationships and life bonding. You will deepen your skills by learning how to focus energy on certain belief points in the body.

Instructors work independently once they are certified. Each instructor decides for herself or himself when to teach classes. In order to find out about classes in your area, an internet search will give you details.

You may even decide to sponsor a lecture or workshop in your area if you have a number of friends who are interested. All you need to do is to contact an instructor working in your area. You will then be able to discuss all the specific details with this person. As the sponsor, you will receive a percentage of the profit.

If you are battling with mental, physical or spiritual health and feel as though no matter what you try, you cannot seem to win the battle, then Psych-K workshops may be the answer you are looking for. They will give you the opportunity to create new belief statements which can bring about permanent change in your life.

For a comprehensive description of Psych-K workshops, go to our website at today. More details about courses and philosophy can be seen at now.

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