Are You Looking for a Good Shisha flavor?

Would you like a shisha flavor that fits your taste? This post reveals numerous good resources for you in identifying and buying your ideal shisha flavor.

Shisha is the name of the flavored tobacco which is generally used in the a hookah. Common, modern-day shisha is made up of some or all of the following ingredients:

1. Tobacco

2. Treacle (uncrystallized syrup produced in refining sugar)

3. Honey

4. Sugar

5. Molasses

6. Glycerin

7. Nicotine

8. Dried Fruit

9. Distilled Water

The manufacturers of shisha have been experimenting a great deal lately and they have produced some really creative flavors like Fantasia’s “Cuban Mojito”. Even so, fruit flavors still are the most popular flavors among hookah smokers. Most of the newer flavors do, however, take their cues from the tried and tested traditional fruit flavors. For instance, Blueberry Muffin or Pink Lemonade clearly have their roots in a fruity base.

Shisha flavors have become versatile due to the relative ease of flavoring during production. The dried tobacco, glycerin, and sweetener can be combined with essentially any ingredients to create unique flavors.

Social Smoking

Individuals normally smoke hookah in a social gathering where they can have the company of their friends and family. As hookahs grew in popularity throughout the Middle East hundreds of years ago, it became common to find them in drinking and eating establishments. One can easily find hookahs in night clubs, smoking parlors, hookah bars and even in homes nowadays.

Most of the increasing popularity of shisha can be ascribed to the flavor and soothing effect of the smoke. People smoke it out of social pursuit and not for any kind of biological effect it elicits. Cigarettes on the flip side are addictive and provide a quick fix with a very high dose of nicotine. While a hookah session lasts longer than a cigarette, the former isn’t addictive for the smoker.

Getting the Most Flavor from Your Hookah

To get the most from your hookah you do not need much, but simply some good common sense and a strong sense of discipline. To begin with, cleaning and maintaining your device correctly is critical. After each smoking session you need to wash your hookah. It is best to wash hookah with warm water than with cold water.

Regarding specific tactics, it’s critical to prevent the coals from burning the tobacco mid-session. The tobacco shouldn’t get stuck to the foil, even better, the tobacco should not even touch the foil. When you are packing the bowl, ensure that the tobacco is at least a couple of millimeters below the rim of the bowl. This way, when you will wrap the aluminum foil on the top of the rim, there will be distance between the aluminum foil and tobacco. You may also place two toothpicks crossed on top of the pile to ensure space between the shisha and foil. Tobacco shouldn’t be packed down too tightly in the bowl. Instead, loosely pile it into a nice mound allowing the air to flow through the mound. Doing this, you will be able to get a flavorful hit without needing to strongly puff on the hose. To avoid overheating some people use two sheets of aluminum foil. The name of the game here is: KEEP IT THOROUGHLY CLEAN AND DON’T BURN THE SHISHA!

Choosing a shisha flavor is difficult. Specially if you are a new hookah smoker, it can become very difficult to find something that you like the most. You should find out more about different shisha flavors, if you wish to find something really good.

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