Freeze Dried Survival Food For Emergencies

There are different techniques used to ensure that foodstuffs stay for a long time. Canning and dehydration are the most common method though drying is raising much in popularity. Freeze dried survival food are best suited for emergencies like lengthy rains. They are also common with campers and hikers who prefer them due to various reasons.

The merits of these foodstuffs are quite many. They get to maintain their color, texture and flavor during that period when they are not in use despite the fact that they remain frozen. This is an advantage over the canned and dehydrated foodstuffs which tend to loose flavor and sometimes nutrients because of their high processing temperature.

What make other foodstuff go bad are the moisture and their exceptionally high temperatures in their processing methods. Most dehydrated or canned foodstuffs face the problem of spoiling very fast. They also loose their taste, color and nutrients during their processing. This is one area where dry freeing has achieved to defeat.

The process of preparing them is not that complicated. The unique processing method gives them the matchless characteristics. The fresh foods are first flash- solidified in special vacuum chambers. Low level heat is then applied to allow the ice crystal to evaporate, a process known as sublimation. The sublimation process removes much of the moisture which is responsible for most foodstuff spoilage.

Their life span usually goes as far as 25 years if well stored in dry and cool places. Their lightness makes them the favorites to most hikers and campers. They occupy much smaller space allowing one to carry several of them at a go.

However, one is advised to have a taste before making nay wholesale purchase. This is to remove any doubts that one might be having. freeze dried survival food is definitely for the survivors.

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