Outdoor hot tubs in the winter

Winter is cold. In fact it feels as though winters are getting colder and colder. After several years of not expecting any snow, we can now count on at least one big snow fall that leave us all immobilized. When it gets this cold, our instincts tell us to stay inside, bundle up, and forget about the cost of fuel.

As we are not used to cold weather, we are unfamiliar with the practice of those who experience long winters year after year. North Americans and Scandinavians often enjoy outdoor spa and hot tub experiences. They claim there is nothing better than sitting in a hot tub in the freezing cold weather. Having a hot tub in the back garden is simply part of enjoying winter and not hiding from it!

This is such a common practice that most hot tubs which are made in the USA, come equipped with winter settings that protect the hot tub from freezing and they also help the hot tub not waste too much energy warming itself up. If you have a hot tub and it does not seem to have these winter settings then you can simply adjust the timer on it, or have a timer installed.

Using a hot tub at any time of the year using up energy, and in some ways, if you are going to be stressing about how much the energy is costing you, it may not be worth having. However it helps to be aware that in if you are going to use the jets during the winter, it will cost more, so an option for winter usage is not to use the jets, but if you don’t use them, they need to be switched off properly.

We love our baths, and on a cold day there is nothing nicer than sinking into hot water. It benefits us on a number of levels. How much more amazing it when you are sat outside in the falling snow, but feeling warm from the inside out!

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