Balloons are the Best!

by Lance Stansell

The invention of the balloon can be traced back as far as the late nineteenth century. They have become very popular over the years and are likely to remain popular for years to come.

The most common balloon is the Latex balloon which can come in a range of sizes, colors and shapes. In recent years the Latex balloon has been able to be produced in metallic colors to add to the range. They can also come printed with names and ages on them which are really useful for retirement or birthday gatherings. Off the back of the Latex balloon came the modeling balloon which is a popular attraction, especially at children’s parties. It can be modeled into all different shapes and it takes a skilled hand to be able to model a balloon correctly.

You can also purchase a canister filled with helium to blow up balloons. There are even some suppliers who have refillable tanks that you can rent. It is most common for helium balloons to be foil but you can use a Latex balloon. Make sure that you keep a tight grasp of a helium balloon as they float away very easily!

The market now has accessories that can be used with the humble balloon. There is the usual string or ribbons tied to the knotted end; you can also have balloon weights tied at the end of the string to make sure it is anchored to the ground. There are cups that slot onto sticks so you can carry the balloon around a different way.

The biggest balloon available has to be the hot air balloon. It is a great experience to sit below an air balloon in a basket and soar into the sky. This is a wonderful way to view the amazing landscape from high above. The length of a hot air balloon trip can vary from half an hour to a whole day. Popularity for hot air balloon races and trips is growing, but this can be an expensive hobby or treat.

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