Don’t Purchase a Home Entertainment System without Reading This

by Ben K. Stevens

In the city of Sydney, there is a buying craze going on for new digital ready wide screen TVs and top of the line home theatre centers as Australia modernizes and the economy continues to soar. There is any number of companies who would love to sell you these pricey systems and they’ll bend over backward to catch your eye and sell you the best system they can get their hands on.

But you shouldn’t let them fool you.

For starters, the systems offered by most retailers are identical in every respect other than brand name. There are only so many companies making these high end home theater systems, after all. None of these retailers have their own private, secret manufacturer who no one else knows about.

Also, these shops pay their sales personnel on a commission basis, meaning that hey are more occupied with the size of their paycheck than they are with selling you a home theater system which actually meets your needs.

Neither will these retailers install your system for you. They are unconcerned with the setup of your home, whether you have the space for a given system or much of anything else beyond selling you the most expensive system in the store or the one which they need to reduce inventory levels of. There is little chance that you will be asked any questions to determine whether the system they are pushing is right for your home.

The systems which they will try to sell you are also those which are the most elaborate and require the highest degree of technical skill to install and set up. The more complicated a system looks, after all. The more features it must have, right? Sales staff will play upon this in an attempt to sell more of these systems.

You will have, to say the least, a difficult time installing these systems yourself. There are a lot if wires to untangle and place in such a way that they will not constitute an eyesore, so many components to set up and configure – you’d better have packed a lunch if you intend to install your own home theater system, as it will take quite some time to do. If you damage something while doing this, your warranty probably will not cover you, so be warned.

The company who sold you the system may provide you a referral to a company who will come out and set the system up for you – for a substantial fee; this is not included in the price of the system.

It gets worse: if the setup company does something wrong, the retailer can’t help you at all. And if the system doesn’t fit in your home, the setup company can’t help you with that. If both steps go awry, you lose out big time.

You would be best served by going to a home theater electronics specialist. You can save a lot of time and money this way, not to mention hassle.

The way to do this is to use an unbiased, independent electronics consultant who will: sit down with you and discuss your needs and desires concerning a home entertainment system right in the comfort of your own home; take full responsibility for setting it up for you exactly the way it looked in the store or better, which includes giving you a certifiable guarantee; and remain available to you over the long term.

Don’t even consider buying a home theatre entertainment system until you have met with one of these consultants.

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