Download Music To Zune Device – Where To Find Music For Your Zune

by Davion W

Are you a Zune owner? If you are, then perhaps finding a place where you can download music to Zune device affordably is of interest to you. Stay on to find out more.

Why we do not recommend that you download music to Zune device at torrent sites?

In case you are not aware, many problems plague these sites. Since there are hardly any checks, many users abuse them by sharing files that are corrupted and virus-laden. At the same time, you will realize also that the downloading is slow as many of the networks are low in server resources.

Since you can download music to Zune device at some safe, secured places cheaply, why not? But before you rush off, always check to ensure that the file formats are compatible. By this, I mean the files you find should be WMV, MP3, MP4, M4V, M4A, M4B or MOV. If not, you will have to carry out conversions which are a waste of time and money.

1. Zune MarketPlace and Mainstream Sites

Zune Market Place is the main parent site where you can download music to Zune device. Not everyone likes to shop here since you need to buy Microsoft Points in order to purchase their songs at close to a dollar each. The reason why they use the credit system is because it is also the market place for Xbox games and credits are a common “currency” there.

There are other mainstream sites like Rhapsody, eMusic, Walmart, Amazon and so on where you can purchase your songs, music videos and soundtracks. In almost all cases, no format conversion is needed.

2. Paid Membership Services

Services like these are gaining much popularity especially among younger users. They are generalized services offering a wide range of genres like Alternative, Blues, Classical, Folk, Pop, Rock and R&B. For a flat fee, you get to join the service either for a year, two years or a lifetime. From there, you can download music to Zune device for as many times as you wish.

With well over millions of songs, music and videos, such sites are the hot favourite of users. In terms of site security, genres, variety as well as download speeds, it is comparable to the mainstream services. This explains why many young users are turning to them to download music to their Zune devices.

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