How To Play Blackjack Online

It is very easy to learn how to play blackjack. The objective of the game is to beat the dealers hand but at the same time keep your hand from busting. Busting is a term used in the game that means your hand has went over twenty one. Having a hand that totals exactly twenty one is known as having blackjack. Playing this game online is the easiest because you do not have distractions in the background as you would at the casino.

When the game begins you will be asked to place your bet. Once this is done a button should appear that says deal. You will click on this. You will get two cards; they both will be able to be seen by you. Then the dealer will be dealt their two cards. However, you will only be able to see one of them. If you happen to have received a total of twenty one on your first hand you will win automatically unless the dealers cards also equal a total of twenty one. In this case you will get your bid back and will be dealt a new hand. The round ends once yours and the dealers hands have been played. If you want to move on to another round then you will have to place a new bet.

The main way to master the game is to know what all the buttons are on the screen. The stand button lets the dealer know that you do not want to be dealt anymore cards. This button should only be used when you feel that you will bust if you get another card or if you feel that your hand is sufficient enough already to beat the dealers cards.

The hit button is the exact opposite of the stand button. The hit button tells the dealer to give you more cards. This gives you a chance to get your hand higher. However, you have to make sure that you do not let your hand get over twenty one.

The split button will become available when you get two of the same cards. It lets you split your hand into two hands. This betters your chances to win, especially if the two cards hold a lot of value.

The double down button is pretty much self explanatory. It lets you double your bet as the name entails. However, once you double your bet you will only be able to be dealt one more card. So usually it is best to use this button when your two cards are looking really lucky.

The last button that you should be familiar with is the insurance button. This button becomes available when the dealers visible card is an ace. This gives you a chance to go ahead and hit the insurance button so your bet will not be lost since it is possible that the dealer could have twenty one. As long as you remember these buttons you know how to play blackjack.

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