Jewelry for Belly Dancing

by Paul J Eastwood

A lot of people think of belly dancing jewelry as too flashy. They typical belly dancer doesn’t actually wear a great deal of jewelry when she performs. What most people are thinking of is the amateur dancers that sometimes go a bit too far trying to accessorize their costumes.

It is smart to keep your jewelry simple and limited. When you are considering adding an additional piece of jewelry to your costume you should think about what is already a part of your costume. Think if the new piece of jewelry will detract from the look you have already put together. You should also try to determine how the jewelry might affect your dance.

The Addition of a Headdress

A headdress is a very dramatic addition to your costume. This is considered jewelry for a belly dancing costume. Look for a headdress that has the look of an Egyptian queen and you will find a beautiful and bold look for your costume.

Headdresses are usually made from beads or coins. One jewel or amulet is usually left in the front of the headdress. Check the headdress out thoroughly to determine if it is something that you can wear comfortably.

Make sure that your headdress is safe for you to wear while you are dancing. Scarves can get tangled up in a headdress or it could fall right off your head in the middle of your dance. Be very careful in your choice so that you can wear the headdress and still perform your dance without causing any problems with your costume.


Anklets and bracelets are jewelry that is traditionally worn by belly dancers. This kind of jewelry is perfect for enhancing the look of your costume and making a nice tinkling sound while you are performing. You can choose to wear chains around your stomach with tiny bells attached to them. The flash of the chain will dramatically catch the eye while you are moving.

Jewels in the navel are not a traditional form of belly dancing jewelry. This is completely the invention of Hollywood and the entertainment industry. If you wish to keep your costume strictly authentic you should not wear this type of jewelry.

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