Party themes- Which are Easiest?

by Darren Yearby

The list is endless when it comes to having a party with a theme. Almost any concept can be a party theme, and it helps make for an interesting and exciting time for your guests. Outlined below are the top five themes that you can use for a great party.

The first is a Chinese themed night. You and your guests can dress up in Chinese robes and Kimonos. The decorations can be paper lanterns, lights and fans. You can even choose the easy option and order the food in from a local Chinese restaurant. And for the finale, Chinese firecrackers can be set off in the yard to help reinforce the mood.

One popular party theme is the Jungle. There are many suppliers out there who cater for this type of party and it is relatively simple to organize. Guests can come dressed as jungle animals with their faces painted, or as Tarzan and Jane. The location can have palm trees, ferns and rocks to help create the right environment.

An up and coming party theme is the murder mystery dinner. Guests can dress up in sophisticated clothes and enjoy an evening of mystery and intrigue. This theme can involve a lot of planning but there are plenty of ideas available to help you with your role-play plans. Some agencies even hire out actors to help out and this can make the party more intriguing.

A Luau themed party is very popular and is easy to organize, with lots of suppliers who can sell you appropriate props. Guests can come dressed in grass skirts, bikinis and wearing Leis. Decorations can include palm trees, coconuts and shells. Add to the mood by serving tropical style drinks and having Hawaiian music playing.

Let’s not forget that children love themed parties and most topics are really easy to cater for. They can be as simple as cars, Knights, pop stars or horses. Most suppliers will have something to offer in any of these genres.

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