Practice Belly Dancing Music

by Paul J Eastwood

When you are just starting out with belly dancing you will want to find some good belly dancing music to practice your moods. You don’t need to find authentic belly dancing music to put your moves into use. If you are just practicing at home use whatever music you enjoy.

The one thing that you should make sure of when you are selecting your belly dancing music is whether you like it. Only if you become serious in your pursuit of belly dancing will you need to explore more authentic music.

Variety Tapes

You should be able to find a variety of tapes and CD’s that are being sold as belly dancing music. If you are just playing around with belly dancing then this sort of music will be fine. This type of music is typically a combination of Middle Eastern music with some western influences. This is a perfectly appropriate way to become familiar with the more traditional belly dancing music.

It is also fine to use music that has nothing to do with belly dancing. If you are performing your routines for your friends and family the choice of music is not that important. What are important are the rhythm and the beat of the music. As long as it is appropriate for your routine then you should use it. Latin music is particularly pleasing for belly dancing.

The Real Music

If you are looking for some authentic music then you should probably find someone who is familiar with belly dancing and the music that goes with it. The perfect person to ask is a belly dancing instructor. There are different styles of music, just as there are different styles of dance. When going for authenticity try to match the style of the music with the style of the dance moves.

Learning all the different styles of dance is a great way to find the right styles of music. As you become more intimately familiar with them, you will learn to recognize the music. If authenticity is not your main concern then feel free to try one of the many compilation CD’s available.

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