Japanese animation division

Director: “Control” is a Japanese director is the key to the whole work. The director, each drag them personally, but he needs the whole situation, the role of environmental monitoring animator, voice actor, a good control of the work and clear instructions to make demands. Thus, each director’s style is different. In Japan, the famous director, much more.

Music: it can be said to be high on the agenda moving to music can be described as a great message to the screen, the mood is expressed in the image finishing the movie and more people to charm weighs each animation, the music is usually the original, and the music master composer.

Seiyuu: a white copying. Voice actor, whose voice is unique, people know people who have significance. Voice actor is very familiar with the task, not just a show, even breathing, screaming in accordance with the role of the character, voice actor and the role of personality and life. In Japan, some voice actor is a voice actor and singer career, only some of the voice actor and voice actor in this current level of development is the same as the singer of the Chinese animated cartoons industry.

Setting the role: responsible for planning the role of the character modeling, dressing up is called “the nature of control” of their work is not just what you want to look up a long time to know the artist, but they need even if their role in some features, eyes, facial expressions, etc., but also in design from different perspectives facial image to see the role, and unlike most comics, closed lines cover a part of the preparation of an animated character style decision, but also indirectly by the nature of some of the characters can look a few role to set the original painting is a static image seems to strong a character’s personality and emotions as well as to admire the beautiful rollanime

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