Three-dimensional animation software profile

Can run 3D software platform, and significantly lower costs – Only expensive high-power workstations, mobile computer technology continues to improve, and always will be easier once the ability to create interesting 3D animation. High-end systems used to create a more pro-image search, and now at home on your computer, you can create high-quality video. You do if you do not have experience in 3D animation digital technology, animation, live action film is a classic combination of useful. Usually starts at CEL or stop-motion animation of all the basic principles are still the best 3D animation effect. Traditional character animation knowledge about the mobility of a better “flying logo” is used as the camera moves a typical bad 3D animation is a moving and waiting, their work represented was able to film’s production capacity is also high-quality 3D to create works is key to the camera and the lighting director of the actual position of the actors on the stage like a three-dimensional animation sets too.

3D computer graphics are often referred to as three-dimensional model. In addition, the graphical models are conducted within the scope of the graphic file. But the difference. Three-dimensional model is a mathematical representation of any three-dimensional objects. Model is not a technical graphics, it’s up to the time. Printing three-dimensional, three-dimensional model is not confined to virtual space. The model visually 3D rendering or non-graphical computer simulations and calculations through a process called two-dimensional images can be displayed. Sequence can be divided into three stages of the movement and placement of objects within a scene that describes the formation of an object, layout, and describes the appearance of animation and 3D modeling, 3D rendering of image objects, 3D computer graphics to produce production.

Because of the team to facilitate the process, the general factor than the other forms of animation, 3D animation, easy, fast and good. , in fact, draw all the frames of the animation, but the process is complicated, and requires some time to adjust.

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