A Game For Anyone: You Can Play Superb Golf

by Vince Paxton

Competition is at the core of the golf game, yet the most essential part to the game is patience. Patient golf competition may appear to be a contradiction, but it is not. On the other hand, while one golfer claims the game is relaxing, another may view it as the most stressful sport ever.

Professional golfers tend to look graceful as they make their way across the course. They portray relaxed strides and great flexibility, such descriptive words that often come to mind when one imagines a professional golf out on the course at work.

Some associate golf with sports such as billiards or bowling. It is not particularly something you will enjoy watching unless you understand the game and know the golfers enough to cheering one on for the grand first prize. Avid golf fans are just as loyal and radical as any sports fan can be.

In fact, golf ranks high as far as television ratings. It is unlikely that anyone has seen the World Cup lacking for fans. The collective wave of silence and cheers of golf fans is one part of the game exuding respect for it, which is certainly one attention grabber when comparing golf to other spectator sports.

The interest of the young people is an essential part of a sport’s survival and golf is no exception. Without future golf players, there will be no future for golf. Since it has been around for many centuries, there really is not great concern that the game of golf will fade away completely. However, newcomers to golf keeps the game alive and keeps the enthusiasm going for both golfers and fans of the game. This is true of golf in La Manga and across the world.

The diversity of golf is seen most in the game’s participants. A person of any fitness level can comfortably choose the game as a sport. In fact, golf is known to provide beneficial exercise. How can it not walking an entire course in one afternoon? Once golf becomes a set part of your schedule, any extra pounds will gradually start to disappear.

Further, persons of any societal level can play golf. It is not a game of only the wealthy and famous. There are many affordable courses emerging making the game accessible to everyone.

Regardless of whether you are female, male, young or mature, golf is a game full of the competitive spirit but it is a patient competitive spirit. You are competing against both yourself and other golfers. You may play superb golf one day, but then have a bad game the next time you are on the course. Golfers are constantly challenged by the variety of course difficulties, obstacles and other challenges. So, train your golf mindset to understand the patient competitive spirit involved with playing the game. Whether you are playing on a private or public course, you will find a good share of challenging factors on the green, across the hills and in the sand traps. But, most golfers enjoy the simple challenge of improving your game each time you are on the course.

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