Can’t Have A Smashing Party Without Quirky Party Games!

by Mathew Aymond

Be it rugby or soccer, we all love games. The same goes with parties too, turn them into friendly games. Music, food and drinks do make a party, but games complete the party by keeping you in the fun mode.

Look anywhere and you will find a fun filled game for every age and all celebrations. Be it a Thanksgiving or 21st, games to keep all busy and have more and more fun is what we like.

There are some really interesting games to keep kids in age 2-6 and 6-12 busy. Balloon pop-race or make and decorate a human Christmas tree should keep them happy. If its a speed party and you are running out of time, does not mean just throw in some music, food and wine. Games which do not need any preparation is your answer like Pass-the-Key where the group passes the key along a string which run between all part of the body. Sounds fun already!

Are you having a beach party, try one of the outdoor games like park bench where you make someone leave their seat or a classic man hunt with animal trails. No choice and cramming up a party in your apartment, look for small area games like the Grapevine where you send a message around in the circle and wait for the climax fun blast.

Its hard not to laugh when you are enjoying yourself and this is all you need to make ‘Jumping Jellyfish’ a smash hit pool party game where you try not to laugh or end up in the pool. If you dreading a party with strangers, an ice-breaker game should work just perfect.

Be it young or old, we are always young at heart. Keep this spirit in your adult parties with smart and chic games. Hens, Halloween, couples, bachelors, there are games for all. Talk to your friends and mates, work out what keeps their curiosity engaging.

Have you come up with your next party game, if no keep looking it has just got a whole lot more better. Eat, enjoy, play and live merry with party full of games.

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