Gears of War 2: The Sequel

by fabian toulouse

Gears of War 2, is one of the best loved video games to be released for the Xbox 360. Gears of War 2 boasts realistic game-play, amazing graphics, and ingenious weaponry, machines, and beasties. Developed by Microsoft, through Epic Games, it was scheduled to be released on July 8, 2008. Due to developmental delays, the game is now slated for a November 7, 2008 release.

Led by renown game designer Cliff Bleszinski, Gears of War 2 promises more entertaining violence. The demo played at the Game Developers Conference met with a thunderous response. The game seems to build on the successes of the first Gears of War, utilizing jaw-dropping, lifelike graphics and deeper, more involved storyline. The novelist, Joshua Ortega, was hired to enrich the story and draw the player deeper into the world of Sera.

One of the most hyped items coming from the merchandizing of GOW 2 is the Locust Drone. A writer for GamerVision noted: “Way back in April, while scoping NECA’s wares at the New York Comic Con, I took notice the Gears of War line had a Locust with an exploding head…I was in love. I had never seen an action figure with quite the attention to the source material as this one. Immediately, I began asking (read: begging) NECA for information about when and where I’d be able to get this wonderful piece of craftsmanship.” The Lancer, a machine gun-chainsaw weapon from the game, is another poplar piece amongst GOW 2 fans. It has consistently been a popular item on Amazon.

Players, be warned: flex your thumbs. Gears of War 2 is said to be a tremendous challenge. The sheer number of enemy Locusts to contend with is staggering. Add to that an A.I. that adapts to your style of play and actively guns for the brave sons of the C.O.G., and you have the perfect cocktail for endless nights of aggravation. The Locust Horde is supposedly designed to never stop.

Enter the honored Lancer. The demo depicts a Locust getting sawn in half, with blood splattering the faceplate of the C.O.G. solider. The twist is you can pick up the bodies and use them as shields. The emphasis on finding and using cover is still well in place, keeping Gears of War 2 close to its roots. It’s no surprise Gears of War 2 was voted the Best Action Game of E3 2008. Check your pulse and mark your calendars.

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