Multi Tabling Tips

by MR. Strategy

Multi tabling is a new phenomenom in poker. It is an online poker thing. You can make more money if you are a winning poker player by simply playing more hands per hour. Multi tabling allows you to do this. So, let’s see how you make this work.

Before that, let’s look at some of the advantages of multi tabling. The most obvious reason is that you can play a lot more hands in the same amount of time. If you can maintain the same level of play, or close to it, you will dramatically increas your hourly win rate. Of course, it will also increase your hourly losses if you’re not a winning player.

You can earn a decent amount if you can play effectively when playing a lot of tables. If you have a small bankroll it is how can maximize your profits without taking too much risk.

Let’s say you feel that you need 20 buy ins to be safe with your bank roll. If you have a $2,000 bankroll you can play .50c/$1.00 for $100. If you can play 10 tables at once, you can put $1,000 in play. If you sat down at the $5/$10 for $1,000 you need a $20,000 bankroll to play with the same risk level. So, by 10 tabling you can play $1,000 with your $2,000 bankroll, and control the risk. This will increase your hourly win rate, while keeping your risk in line. You might make more money this way than just sitting at the $5/$10 game.

You might even find that you can make more money in the multi tabling examples. The reason for this is that the single table game you play, for ten times the buy in, has much better players. Playing weaker competition, you should increase your earnings.

Here are some guideline to successful multi tabling. Don’t start to fast. If you jump in and start playing 6 tables at once you will probably start losing. Go slow, and add one table at a time. Once your under contol with two, go to three, etc, etc.

When multi tabling, play a simple game. Your decision time is reduced. If you play a complex game, there won’t be enough time to make all the hard decisions. If you are pressed for time, you will make more mistakes.

You can’t just go on auto pilot. In order to win, you still need to make some decision. If you feel you aren’t thinking at all, you need to reduce the number of tables you play.

As a multi table player still use table selection. Don’t stay in games where you are being put into tough situations all the time. Seek out games that are playing straight forward and the weak players are easy to recognize.

Don’t mix your games. If you play two tables of omaha high low, and two limit holdem, and two SNGs, you will really test yourself. If you play just one game, at all the tables, you can get into a groove.

Online poker has made multi tabling a new way players can attack the tables. You have the opportunity to make as much money as a much higher stakes player who plays live. Many of the good players are taking advantage of this opportunity.

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