Online Poker Tools

by Phil Helmut

With everyone looking for an edge, online poker tools are becoming a big market. Software that can help you wih many aspects of poker play and analysis have been developed to satisfy this hunger for information. Let’s take a look at some of the top products availiable.

Poker Tracker is a very popular poker tool. With Poker Tracker you can look at your past play in a very precise way. You also collect data on the play of your opponents, which will show you their styles.

This software takes you hand history, and organizes it so it can be studied. It organizes according to hole cards, or by position. You can look at your winningets hands, and the losers.

Platers use the software in two distinct ways. First they study their own play. Studying to see how they win, and why they lose. Secondly, you can profile your opponents, and will know their strategies better,

Poker Sherlock is a poker data software. It ofers a monlthy membership to access their data base of millions of online players. This gives you the advantage of knowing your opponents before the first hand is dealt.

Once you launch Poker Sherlock, everything is on auto-pilot. When you go to a poker table, the software sees it and starts working. YOu will get the latelst data on all the players at your table. You can even open up tables you’re not playing at and see player stats.

Once you sit downm, Poker Sherlock will update after every hand that you play. You will know who the good and bad players are immediately. Ny knowing your opponents playing styles, you will read their plays much better,

Sit N Go Power Tool (SNGPT) is a great tool to analize certain situations. In any SNG tournament you play, the blinds evetually get large in comparison to the stack sizes at the table. When the blinds get to be over 10% of a players stack size, going all in, or folding, becomes the primary options.

We need to know which hands to push all in with. This is where SNGPT comes in. Feed in all the data, and it will give you the correct play in terms of positive equity.

The software takes into account all the variables of the decision. This includes, stack sizes, prize structure, etc. The only variable that isn’t precise is calling ranges. You need to estimate that based on your knowledge of the players. When the blinds get real big you will be very surprised at some of the results.

Okay, now you have a few examples of the tools that are out there for serious online poker players. As you can see, these tools will give you great information that will help you win. Other players are arming themselves with these weapons to gain an advantage at the tables. Don’t be left behind.

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