What is Ventrillo Hosting?

by Jarrod Ploof

Ventrillo Hosting, otherwise known as Ventrilo, is a VOIP (voice over internet protocol) solution which can be used as an inexpensive (or free) method of voice communication carried via the internet. It is used mostly in online gaming applications, where it is especially useful for inter-guild communication. This kind of voice communication is ideal for planning raids and other operations.

Ventrillo hosting is a service which does entail a small fee ?the actual amount depends on the hosting company used; but this cost is typically split between guild members.; There is a freeware version available, but this supports only up to eight slots, far less than needed by the typical guild. The pro version, however requires at least 1,000 slots; far more than needed by all but the very largest guilds.

To make up the difference there is Ventrillo hosting. This is where you simply rent the number of slots you need from companies who are using the pro version of Ventrilo. If you have not had a chance to consider Ventrillo hosting consider the way you have been executing or even planning your raids.

Most likely, you have been doing your planning via phone, email or perhaps IM; or maybe unreliable bandwidth consuming VOIP software. Ventrilo, by contrast uses very little bandwidth, making your gameplay smoother.

During raiding it is practically impossible or incredible time consuming to hand out orders to everyone move everything along and respond using these typed methods which takes you away from game play. It is far more productive to use things such as VOIP software applications. This means you do not have to take yourself away from the game play in order to be able to give out orders, respond or communicate with the rest of your party. The great thing about it is the fact that it is inexpensive.

If you have very limited needs (eight slots or less), then the freeware version can be used. However, you almost certainly will need more slots than this. These additional slots can be rented for a very low price form a Ventrillo hosting company. This software can be used either on the Mac OS or Windows platform and can provide a far more enjoyable gaming experience for MMoRPG enthusiasts. Strategizing and inter-guild communications are made easy by Ventrilo hosting, all without using up all of your bandwidth and making gameplay laggy.

For you guild’s raiding needs, Ventrillo hosting is the perfect answer. It is low cost, there are a multitude of hosting options and offers many benefits for your gaming experience. It is easy to keep in touch with your fellow guild members both during and after gaming. It will be a snap to plan strategy for raids and take up far less time compared to using text communication to coordinate your activities.

Then during game play you can maintain communication and make adjustments as needed without having to pause game play in order to do it. This makes for a smoother game and because Ventrilo is a low bandwidth usage program you do not have to worry about losing game bandwidth when you use Ventrilo.

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