Angelina Jolie’s Impact On Adoption & Humanitarian Causes

Angelina Jolie, partner to Brad Pitt, is the star of one or two blockbuster pictures. Among them Girl Interrupted and Mr. And Mrs. Smith, by accident where she met Pitt. But maybe her most well known portrayal was as the chesty Lara Croft, in the Tomb Raider films. In the shooting of the first movie, much of which was shot on location in Cambodia, Jolie came to witness the beautiful environment, immersive culture, and rampant misery of the nation. This, she says, opened her eyes and was her stepping stone into humanitarian work.

After Cambodia, Anglina Jolie took a visit to Sierra Leone and Tanzania in 2001, which was there that she first became actively concerned in humanitarian causes. The purpose of that ordained trip was to find out first hand the conditions that refugees must suffer. Angelina was so surprised that shortly after, in Aug 2001, she was delegated Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, frequently known as UNHCR.

The UNHCR aids over 20 million refugees in 120 nations around the world. They were created to guard and safeguard the contentment and rights of refugees. They believe that refugees have a right to find asylum in another country and will actively seek to engage countries to integrate and support those refugees. Thus far, in only 5 decades, they have helped over 50 million people in the world.

Angelina’s contribution has greatly helped in generating more major attention to this deserving cause. As a goodwill envoy, her role is to communicate to, and provide a focus on refugees by creating mass-media attention. Though in Jolie’s case this is not only superficial. She actually spends much of her own time and is really impacted by their distress. On her trip to Ecuador, Jolie wrote of the suffering, “People’s lives are really in danger “not just in the sense that you feel your town is hazardous “their lives are really being threatened and their cribs are being burnt down.”

To further increase public awareness, Jolie has released 1 or 2 personal books of her experiences during field visits. As well as the physical effort that Jolie contributes, her foundation with partner Brad Pitt, called the Jolie-Pitt Foundation latterly donated USD$1 million to groups working in Darfur. Darfur is an area in war despoiled Sudan, which Jolie has visited 3 times already.

Jolie now plans to spend most of her time in humanitarian efforts, showing that she splits her actress her salary three ways; a 3rd for savings, a third for living costs and a third for charity. Considering she commands a high pay packet for films, as well as product advertisements, that is equivalent to a substantial amount donated.

Jolie has 2 adopted kids, and is currently thinking about a 3rd. Maddox, a Cambodian refugee boy she adopted in 2002, and Zahara, an Ethiopian refugee girl. She's also got a child with Brad Pitt, named Shiloh.

Together with Pitt, Jolie has said that she will continue to push and actively join in humanitarian causes, as well as chasing her acting ambitions.

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