DVD Down Load On Zune: How To Do It

by Rashel Dan

If you got yourself the latest Zune player, you’d probably want to know how to get that DVD down load on Zune? It’s not an easy process. It can be a tedious process but if you have a DVD collection that you would like to convert for specific viewing on your Zune, then this is the best way to do it. First, you will need to get to know all the tools that you will need to be able to make this possible.

A Computer Connected

Hardware – First thing you need is hardware. A computer with a DVD drive is the most essential thing to have and if you don’t already have DVD conversion software, you will also need an Internet connection to either purchase or download one for free. It is essential that you have a DVD drive that is able to read all your movies otherwise you will no be able to convert all your movies.

The Software – The next thing you need to make DVD down load on Zune successful is conversion tools. These software tools are available for purchase from different companies. There’s a company that offers a great package with their Vegas software that allows you to even edit the video that you rip from the DVD.

All-In-One Converter – Another software is an all in one conversion solution that will allow you to convert movies into Zune format with just a few clicks. You will also need the actual Zune software to sync the movies that you convert into the device.

How It’s Done – First thing that you should do is load the movie into the DVD drive just as you would load it into an ordinary player. If the movie starts as soon as you load it, stop the movie and close the player on your computer. Keep the disc inside the DVD drive. Now, open the software tool that you just purchased or downloaded and choose the settings that will make the software convert the DVD into a 240×320 pixel sized video in MPEG4, MOV, or WMV formats.

Proper Format – These formats are the only three that can be played on the Zune device. Pick a folder where you would like the end product to be saved and then click the encode button. You will probably have to wait a while for a whole movie to be converted but once it is done, simply transfer the converted file to the sync folder where the Zune picks up files. You now have a movie that can be played on your Zune.

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