How To Find Work As A Voice Artist

When working with film, television, stage or audio sound, there are several different aspects in which an individual can perform. One of which is that of a voice artist. These individuals can range from being someone involved in a poetry and spoken word community, a radio talk show host or Disc Jockey(DJ) to someone who narrates film and television. While this is the case, there are often many other areas in which individuals working in the vocal arts can be found contributing talent.

While generally called a voice actor, the term can also refer to someone providing voice overs for commercials and public service announcements. Although, DJs are often thought of more as someone who selects and plays different types of music, these individuals often read announcements and advertisements. When it comes to television, Ryan Seacrest and Nick Cannon are good examples of individuals working in this area.

Whereas, DJs are often considered to be working in the vocal arts when reading material live on-air. In other cases, where the material has been prepared by other sources, it would be the originator or originators of the material whom would be considered to be working in the field. In either case, these materials are generally related to public service announcements, news and weather reports.

Today, the term DJ has even taken on new meaning as in that of someone spinning and scratching music at a club or festival. These individuals often still play old school vinyl on turn-tables. Turn-tables, while now having lost popularity due to the onset of CD players and i-pods, are still used by many professional DJs and found in the homes of many music collectors.

The field is quite competitive though individuals interested in this work can often find an outlet. For example, another aspect of this work is that of a MC. A MC is someone who makes announcements and introduces artists at music festivals and other events. In fact, many individuals develop a career in this area. For, MCs are often needed at parties, wedding receptions and other events.

There are a number of specialized companies which post listings on a daily basis related to this type work. To discover one of these websites and current offerings, type vocal acting into a search engine, then click on any results of interest. After which, an individual can often sign up to receive e-mails related to future opportunities in this regard.

Individuals hosting poetry slams are also considered to be working in this field. For, not only do these individuals announce contestants, most also announce featured poets who generally perform during breaks. In addition, it is these individuals whom at the end of an event often announce winners based on the judges final count.

When it comes to working in this field, the best jobs are going to be found in areas in which film productions, television studios and radio stations exist. For example, there are now a number of studios located in Hollywood, Northern California and Austin, Texas. In addition, there are a number of agents looking for talent through online sites which feature current work and audition information.

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