In conjunction with the new delivery of The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey comes Lego’s new theme.

Tension is mounting around the debut of the anticipated 4th addition to the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. The Hobbit is being preempted by lots of pre-release happenings and news-media events. December 14th is approaching rapidly and this prequel for the LOTR anthology seems to delight the masses of J. R. Tolkien fans.

Coupled with the movie release comes a slue of play toys and also other accessories which includes LEGO’s release of its new theme, The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey

A Story Summary

Gandolf the Grey finds Bilbo Baggins ensconced in the daily routine in his relatively small town where new happenings are frowned upon. Gandolf approached Bilbo in the small but surprisingly comforting, underground abode. On this unique dawn, Gandolf is looking for a champion — somebody to lead an journey to correct a wrong that has been done to his friends, the dwarves.

In the Lonely Mountains of Middle Earth, the dwarves have had their home and treasury of gold stolen by a bad dragon, Smaug.

Bilbo would be rather pleased if Gandalf and his band of dwarves would locate another avenue for this rescue journey, since he is sort of relaxed along with his present surroundings and has no desire to alter them.

He tries his best to decline, but is dragged into this life changing occurrence. He learns that within himself is really a brave and strong hobbit which can accomplish outcomes that he never dreamed of exercising.

Bilbo transforms from a scared, tiny being into a leader of the group of friends battling unimaginable danger and overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles. He brings his new establish friends into the frey against large spiders, frightening creatures, as well as a troll from whom he wins a special ring which will soon drive his nephew Frodo over a life changing adventure of his own.

The Lord of the

* LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring * LOTR: The Two Towers ** LOTR: The Return of the King

Frodo and his acquaintances attempt in the trilogy to obliterate this one ring when it’s discovered that it will mean the end of Middle Earth.

Of course, there is an evil individual, the Shadowy Lord Sauron whose wish to own the ring is precisely the reason why Frodo is commissioned with Gandalf the Gray and his own uncle Bilbo to wipe out the ring for all time..

The Hobbit

If the movies have been viewed without formerly understanding the books, it could be difficult for many to comprehend that The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey is really a prequel to The Lord Of The Rings and not a continuation as lots of videos tend to be.

For a basis for the company and the relationships created in The Lord Of The Rings anthology you first must go back to the account established within the Hobbit. In this movie, Bilbo’s solid bonds of friendship with Gandalf are better grasped, as well as the narrative of why Bilbo came to own the ring, and the loathsome, terrible evil of Sauron.

The list of personalities within The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey consists of:

*Bilbo Baggins – a hobbit from the shire.

*Gandalf the Grey – seeking out Bilbo and establishing the crew of companions, this clever wizard is really a pillar for this narrative and all that grasp.

*Sauron – the bad and heartless dark sorcerer who made The One Ring and induced it to possess its power.

*Dain Ironfoot – a powerful fighter from the dwarves.

*Bofur – brother in arms on the trip to the Lonely Mountain that traveled together with Bilbo and Thorin. *Elrond – immortal dad of Arwen and the one who founded Rivendell. Elrond is known as a fair and honest ruler with all of the citizens of Rivendell. He utilizes his dominance with integrity and brings about hopefulness in all who come across him. Though his line of ancestry arrives from all three of the houses of elves, the book tells of his bloodline as ‘half-elf’.

*Thorin Oakenshield – battling for his rightful place as king from the dwarves, he’s a powerful soldier.

*Frodo – the son from the brother of Bilbo, he’s a youthful hobbit from the shire.

*Beorn – a shapeshifter with the ability to exist as a person or in the appearance of a bear.

*Saruman – An istari sent to Middle Earth, Saruman started as a hero of good, but grew to become greedy as the power of the ring became evident to him.

*Gollum – ‘my precious’ is the slogan he is well-known for as he yearns ceaselessly for the One Ring that has altered his form into a repulsive form.

*King Thranduil – Elven King.

*Kili – a young dwarf in the party. He is nearly always found with his sibling, Fili and the two are a pleasant duo of fiddle-playing, fun-loving, brave and loyal dwarves.


Though it truly is suggested to read all of the books before viewing the films, The Hobbit newbies will thrill to this epic adventure even if time does not allow the book-reading.

This will be specially correct of individuals who cherished the grand, beautiful and breath-taking anthology that was The Lord of the Rings trilogy, however did not particularly understand the interactions that existed between the characters, or the motivations that drove some of their dealings.

Some say that Tolkien penned The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings anthology within the identical past time frame that his good friend, C. S. Lewis penned the Narnia series, and that the books and videos contain much more than just adventures through a fantasy world. We tend to agree with these feelings.

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