When XBox Meets Disney, the Results are Awesome

by Steve Collins

Because of the internet, the world is a different place, and changes happen overnight. It has metamorphosed the way we make friends with one another, the way we study, and the way we entertain ourselves. About a year ago, for instance, the Xbox Live Marketplace was started to allow users to download movie rentals on demand.

This new service was embraced immediately. Within seven months, more than 10 million movies had been rented via Xbox’s online downloading service. Currently, it is the only company offering on demand movies in high definition.

Their initial successes prompted Microsoft Game Studios to form an agreement with the entertainment industry giant, Walt Disney Studios. The partnership was announced in July 2007 and included thirty-five films. New and old Disney classics are among the offerings, as well as movies from Miramax, Touchstone, and other Disney properties. Therefore, there are titles to appeal to viewers in every age group from little ones to golden agers (assuming they have Xboxes!) The number of movies will expand in the future, as the plan calls for on demand rentals for new releases as they become available to the public.

Currently, movie downloading via Xbox Live is only offered to US residents, but the numbers are astounding for something so recent. Microsoft Game Studios has 7 million subscribers, and they project that number will jump to over 12 million within a year. The listing of Disney movies in the Xbox Live Marketplace is a boon for the company. When Xbox meets Disney, the potential for success is incredible.

Clearly, the public has welcomed this modern way to enjoy movies in the home. No one has to go out to the rental store; no one has to wait in line for that hot new release everyone else in the country has also been drooling over! On demand rentals give you to get the titles you want when you want them

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