Watch Satellite TV on Your PC – Is it Really Worth the Money?

by Andy OConnor

There is so much new technology coming out every single year, like satellite TV for PC, it?s sometimes a little hard to keep up with it all. Some of this new technology will make our lives infinitely easier, while some will seem like nothing more than the latest gadget they want us to waste our money on.

The ability to watch satellite TV on your PC stems from the combination of the powers of the internet, and the multitude of channels that can be accessed by connecting to satellites orbiting around the earth. By connecting to these satellites through the internet you immediately have access to over 3,000 TV channels from every corner of the globe.

But, what makes the ability to watch satellite TV on your PC preferable to enjoying cable/satellite TV on the television in your lounge room?

99% of people who change from regular satellite TV (through a satellite dish on their house) over to satellite TV for PC systems will say they changed because of the cost. With normal satellite TV systems, you expect to pay at least $20 to $30 a month for access to even just a handful of channels. With PC satellite TV systems there are no monthly fees ever and it’s less than $50 to get set up – what a huge saving!

Another advantage of using a satellite TV for PC service is the huge range of viewing choices you’ll have access to. You aren’t just limited to channels in your country, but will be able to view thousands of channels from all over the world. Channels available include sports, music, news, kids’ shows, movies, educational, documentaries, shopping, radio stations & many more.

Did you know that unlike ordinary satellite TV, satellite TV for PC systems aren’t affected by bad weather?

When viewing normal satellite TV through a satellite dish on the roof of your house, bad weather can interfere with the signal. This results in a drop in the picture and sound quality on your television – rather annoying when you’re part way through your favourite movie!

When watching satellite TV on your PC, all the TV channels come through the internet. This means that as long as you still have an internet connection, you’ll still have crystal clear TV on your computer through your satellite TV for PC service.

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